Much like each and every country is different, so too is each and every holiday. What counts as a holiday essential could depend on which country you plan on visiting, but there are some things that are universal and should be packed away just in case. Here are 10 of the most important things to take with you on your next vacation.

• Travel Pillow
Traveling might be exciting, but that doesn’t make it any less draining. It’s tiring to be sat on a plane or a bus for hours on end. That’s why you should pack a travel pillow for the journey, to ensure that you keep your posture when napping or passing the time with a good book.

• Ear Plugs and Blindfold
Many people have trouble sleeping on a plane. The way they affect your body makes it difficult to shut off. That’s where ear plugs and blindfolds come in. Seasoned travelers swear by these handy little things that help you turn off the world around you and get some sleep.

• Portable White Noise Machine
Of course, you also have to consider how you plan on sleeping in your new (temporary) home. It can be difficult to sleep in a new bed, and especially in a new environment. If you regularly use a white noise machine to sleep at night then don’t forget to take one with you on vacation. There are many portable options available that can be packed up into a suitcase and taken with you.

• Travel Organizer
Want to make sure that your tickets, boarding pass, VISA, and passport are all together? The best way to do that is to keep them all in a travel organizer. These handy little things have room for all of the essentials. Once you start using one for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without one.

• A Compact Backpack
If you’re planning on doing any hiking or walking – or have another reason to need extra storage space – then a compact backpack is just what you need. These backpacks can go from being smaller than a piece of A5 paper to full 20L backpacks when opened up. Even backpacks come in “travel size”.

• Travel Scales
Travel scales are a little basic but you can’t deny how useful they are. You don’t want to be the person taking all their heavy jumpers out of their suitcase at check-in and moving all your luggage around to meet the weight requirements. It’s best to get everything weighed after you pack it so that you can check in without any issues.

• Portable Travel Humidifier
There are plenty of benefits to using a humidifier. They clean your air and eliminate allergens and other airborne issues. These benefits can be taken with you on vacation if you take a portable travel humidifier with you. These handy devices work much the same as a regular humidifier, but take up less space. Combine them with your portable white noise machine for an excellent night’s sleep while away.

• Packing Cubes
Let’s say that you want to get your favorite shirt. You know that you packed it but you just can’t find it in the luggage. You’ve looked through everything and still can’t find it no matter what. Packing cubes can make travel as stress free as possible. They save you plenty of time too, which is why they are considered a travel essential. Organize all of your clothes, accessories, toiletries, etc. into these handy cubes and use them to save space in your suitcase.

• Travel Charger and International Adapters
A travel charger for your phone/tablet/computer is a must. Especially if you rely on being connected. Getting a power bank ensures that you have enough charge to get you through the flight and give you something to do as well. If you are planning on leaving the country, then don’t forget to pick up some international adapters too. You don’t want to get to your hotel room only to discover that you can’t plug anything in.

• Waterproof Mobile Case
There’s no telling what the weather will be like at your destination. Even if you check the weather ahead of time, there’s always the chance of rain or some other way to get you – and your phone – wet. What if you fancy a trip to the aquarium or you drop your phone in the sea? A waterproof mobile phone case is versatile and can save you a lot of money and trouble. Take care of your phone and all the precious memories it contains with a handy waterproof mobile phone case.

Nothing makes you need a vacation quite like preparing for one. It doesn’t need to be so stressful though. Pack away the essentials and get everything done ahead of time for a smooth journey and enjoyable vacation.

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Hannah Edmonds is a creative and enthusiastic freelance writer who has been loving this gig for 8 years now. Her personal mission is to encourage a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life experience for people through her writing, and this is her true passion.