Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated by Indians irrespective of caste, creed, and religion in India. It is one of the much-awaited celebrations for all Indians across the globe too. Families join each other in the celebrations and exchange tons of joy and happiness along with immense love and well wishes including Diwali wishes quotes.

Diwali is a great occasion that also boosts sales of gifts, new items including clothing, household electronics, gold, and silver in India. Indians consider it auspicious to purchase new things on this Festival of Lights. They believe that luck and prosperity await them for the next whole year if they do so.

Diwali is also marked by the worship of Goddess Lakshmi with intense devotion and pomp. The businessmen in India make it a point to perform rituals in the devotion of Lakshmi Devi with great pomp and grandeur. Various festivities including donations for poor people, distribution of crackers, and new clothes, sweets, and gifts are also undertaken by rich people to share their happiness with the poor.

Diwali is also called Deepavali. It is one of the few festivals that Indians celebrated with similarity despite the geographical and cultural differences. The festival ranges from 3-5 days and mainly involves worship of Goddess Lakshmi, purchasing of Gold, Silver, and new items, burning of crackers, the lighting of diyas, and preparing and sharing of sweets.

Every household in India glows on the day of Diwali. People adore their house fronts with rangolis and light lamps made of oil and cotton wick in an earthen diya and welcome the Goddess of Prosperity into their houses. Children have fun wearing new traditional clothes and eating sweets and firing crackers. Families and friends get together to spend time and share and strengthen the love of this beautiful festival.

Though artificial lamps and electric lights are increasing in the market, Diwali brings its own beauty to households as people turn to earthen diyas. Lighting a lamp in earthen diyas is considered a tradition that Indians never fail to follow, especially on this festival.

Various legends exist around the celebration of Diwali. As per one legend, it is the day when Lord Rama returned from Lanka to Ayodhya after killing Ravana. The people of Ayodhya welcomed their beloved king and queen by lighting lamps.

According to another story, it was on this occasion that Satyabhama the wife of the Lord Sri Krishna killed demon Narakasura who has been troubling the people with his demonic acts. To mark the death of evil and welcome good into their lives, people lighted lamps and welcome happiness into their lives.

Diwali wishes quotes

In these digital times, it is quite common to share messages with our dear ones on this festival of lights to wish them well being and prosperity. People from all over the world research for the best Diwali quote to convey their love and wishes uniquely to their friends and close ones.

Here are ten different ways to greet Happy Diwali and some of the best Diwali quotes that might help if you are on the search for the best Diwali quote for your dear ones:

1. On this Diwali, I wish nothing but the purest happiness to you and your family. May your life be filled with the best of happiness and prosperity.

2. Diwali is the festival of lights. Let the glow of lamps shine in your eyes and fill your soul with happiness and love.

3. Family, friends, and fun! Diwali is the perfect time for all these! Come on friend, join me and let’s have a memorable Diwali!!

4. Sweets and lamps! Here and there!! Diwali is here!! The perfect time to spread joy and care!

5. Laddoo and lamps! New clothes and gifts! Welcome all with the warmest heart. Wishing you the most beautiful Diwali and that you have the best of life from now on!!

6. I want to share a secret only with you! That I sincerely wish this Diwali brings colors to your life. Because all that I have is you!!

7. May the blessing of Lord Lakshmi be with you all the time. Celebrate Diwali with my heartiest wishes to you and your family.

8. Laugh and love! Eat and celebrate! Light the lamps fill the glow and the sweets add more sweetness to your life!

9. Let the sound of crackers kick off all the bad from your life! May this Diwali lamps fill your life with their glow!

10. Diwali ho Diwali! Time for fun! Time for joy! Time for new! And time for love! Wishing you and your family the safest and happiest Diwali!!

Sharing Diwali wishes is a way to let you care for your dear ones. A wish could mean a lot to the ones close to our heart and can even bring together old friends who lost touch with time. Have a happy and colorful Diwali.

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