Once a site owner puts up a site or blog, they will think of ways to increase web site traffic to their website, store, blog or lens.

There are tons of ways to increase your web site traffic.

Numerous articles have already been written, various techniques tested and weird suggestions put across on how to build a website, optimize it for the search engines and attract thousands of visitors.

I am not going to expound, come up with an earth breaking formula or show you how to beat the search engines at their very own game.

What I am going to do. No! Share with you is a list of 10 free ways that you can learn to practically incorporate and can help you to draw and increase your web site traffic.

My way is do-able, takes time and is social.

But here is the good part:

  • It will not cost you a dime! Yes it is totally free.
  • It is genuine. No tricks or goofy tricks to learn.
  • It is social. If you do it right! You gain trust, credibility and friends.

Aright, so much for the introduction! Get ready and here we go.

10 Free ways to increase web site traffic.

  1. Become a Digger.

    According to digg's own words and I qoute:
    Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users.

    Remember to digg only your best works, then invite your friends, colleagues or web visitors to digg it too. And do the same, digg other great stuff you find useful.

    The more people digg your work the higher it rises in popularity and the more visitors you get.

  2. Start a profile at Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube...

    Open an account in any of these places the more the better. You can put a link here and there but please you will fail miserably if you start pitching sales letter in front of these sociable crowds.

    Join in and get connected and be connected. The guiding principle is -- People buy from people they know and trust. That should be your work -- building friendship, trust and credibility.

  3. Start a blog.

    Self explanatory. Start a blog. Here is a hint, type the term "how to start a blog" on any of your favorite search engines, then work from there.

  4. Register with Technorati, FeedBurner.

    Register with Technorati and Feedburner. These are Great places with excellent tools to help you promote your work to the rest of the world. Why work harder when other are willing and ready to do that for you?

  5. Squidoo lens.

    You are missing really big!...very big! If you are yet to start your own lens. There is no need to waste more time here, rush to your web browsers and type squidoo.com.

    I wish you new how much power or how terribly you are loosing without Squidoo.

  6. Issue a press release.

    Please do me a favor -- open another window, have you? Then go to google search box and type in with the quotes "press release". Good, thank you for following my instructions.

    Now depending on your knowledge level, read whichever interest you -- how to write a press release, press release example, prweb, submit press release and much more.

  7. Articles.

    Right now I am writing an article on "how to increase website traffic" The reason I'm writing this article is because:

    First, I hope it is going to help you learn a thing or two on how to increase your web site traffic.

    Secondly, I'm doing these to gain your trust, to rank higher with the search engines and to promote my work.

    Lastly, this is a great way that I now find naturally pleasing to do, it is increasingly becoming more of a value connection thing that I am starting to love.

    Before you write your article, ask yourself why and for what purpose -- a natural way to accomplish that which you set your self to do, for our purpose here -- increase website traffic.

  8. Start another site, blog or lens.

    Persistent is the key to success. What is more important is to stick with your goals and objectives but train yourself to test different ways to accomplish that.

    Do not form the habit of doing the same thing over and over again. It might become annoying. Start another site, blog or lens and test and experiment with another strategy. You might succeed where others are failing.

  9. Google Analytics.

    Great! Good stuff. Take a moment to make use of google analytics. Use it to understand what is working 1-8 above or what is not working. Take care though not to become too number crumby.

  10. Out of Box.

    Put to work what I have said here. Do not take it to be the bible. Do not do things because others are already doing it. Never be scared to be bold enough to do what every one else is not doing.

    Trust me there are ways you can increase web site traffic by doing something out of the box...and if you really succeed we will all follow suite.

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Joseph Nyamache loves to talk about web hosting and site builders that deliver. For his latest Squidoo lens, Visit how to build a website for more.