Eating healthy meals at home, prepared with your specific tastes and needs should be the ultimate goal. All right, I admit I like eating at restaurants every once in a while but if you are trying to lead a wholesome, stress free life restaurants are not the answer. Think about this:

Time - You go to your favorite restaurant on a busy night and you have to stand and wait or make reservations. It takes over two hours to have your hunger go away from the moment you say “I’m hungry, let’s go out for dinner”. If your meal had been prepared by a Personal Chef, it will usually take less than twenty minutes to sit at your table and eat your meal.

Comfort - At a restaurant, you sit jammed in a restaurant engineered for maximum capacity on restaurant chairs that are designed to encourage a quick turnover not for sitting and eating.  At home, you sit at your favorite seat and nobody is trying to rush you out so they can sit another couple.

Service - Even if you go to a great restaurant, if your waitress is in a bad mood, you are out of luck. While if you ate at home, if you are in a bad mood you only have yourself to blame.

Ambiance - Music, lighting, restaurant noise. At home you can control all of it, the exact music you want to hear, soft lighting or dinner on the porch. You can eat barefoot or in a tuxedo, it’s completely up to you.

Selection – If you want Fradiablo and your partner wants Chicken Cordon Bleu. If you go to a continental you aren’t going to have your Fradiablo. You could be enjoying your favorites, if you had a personal chef.

Not authentic cuisine: Most restaurants serve watered down versions of recipes to reach the most amount of clients. A personal chef will customize authentic recipes to your specific taste.

Special Requests - Imagine you ask your waiter for no mushrooms, no onions or no cheese and when your meal came out there was mushrooms, onions or cheese. It would take another twenty minutes before your meal came back, if they didn’t just pick off what you didn’t want. A personal chef will prepare meals according your specific tastes and needs, if you like onions and no green peppers, that’s exactly how you will get your meals.

Ingredients Freshness - Depending on how busy your restaurant is, they usually get a food delivery once a week. Restaurants maximize their profits by buying ingredients in bulk; food can sit in the refrigerator for weeks before it gets used. A personal chef will choose the freshest ingredients and use them that same day.

Portions – A restaurant has to make inhuman sized portions to turn a profit and when you walk out of there you are so full you can barely breathe. A personal chef will prepare meals for you that will leave you satisfied; you won’t have to loosen your pants to know it’s time to stop eating.

Transfats – Using transfats has been a shortcut restaurants use to add flavor to your meals. Frying, lots of butter and extra creamy sauces add flavor and heart problems. A good personal chef can add great flavor without the extra baggage.

Can I get you some dessert? – You are weak for just ten seconds and ten minutes later, you realize you are digging into a two thousand calorie Tiramisu. A personal chef can help you maintain your weight without denying your cravings for something sweet by providing desserts that are healthy and satisfying.

The other restaurant customers - The world is full of people with different sensibilities and manners. At home, you won’t have to deal with other people’s manners or lack of.

Long Ride Home - You order a bottle of wine but you are afraid of having more than one glass of wine for fear of driving under the influence. If you dine at home, you can drink more than one glass of your favorite wine.

Rats – You’ve seen it in the news recently, every restaurant has rats or the poisons to keep rats away. Your home doesn’t have rats the size of small dogs does it?
Eating at home just makes the most sense.

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