Unbelievably, there are some very good reasons for becoming disorganized. However, all of these are curable and can be conquered once we get to the root of the problem.

Disorganization comes in many forms and may be a problem associated with an illness.

Whatever your form of disorganization is; there IS help for you.

In this day and age of the internet, help is just a click away. Go to any search engine and use the Keywords: 'home organizing' and you are on your way to several websites of Professional Organizers that are there to give you all of the wisdom that you will need.

10 Types of Disorganization

Trauma Disorganization- when an outside influence that has a traumatic effect on our lives throws us ‘off’ of our usual mode of living.

Habitual Disorganization- you guessed it, that is when we never seem to be able to get organized, we are always in a state of disorganization. It is a habit that we have to break before it becomes a way-of-life.

Ancestral Disorganization- We have been brought up in a state of disorganization and it becomes so familiar to us that we feel comfortable staying there. So to become organized is something that becomes a long-term plan.

Social Disorganization- Our friends and family are disorganized, so it doesn’t make us look any worse than anyone else. We feel at-home.

Chronic Disorganization- when we are in such a cycle of staying disorganized that no matter how hard we try, we can’t find a way to overcome it.

Depressed Disorganization- is when we are so depressed, upset and disabled with aspects of our lives that we give up and let the mess take over.

Roomitis Disorganization- is that we have the will to become organized, but there is not any place to go with everything that we have to keep. So it is easier to not do anything at all instead of figure out a solution.

Priceless Disorganization- This is when we know that we cannot afford to go out to purchase all of the plastic boxes, label makers, cute little organizers that are shown in the pictures, so we know that organizing is too expensive and we cannot afford it.

Questionable Disorganization- is when you want to be organized but do not know where to start, what to do or how to do it.

Time Disorganization- you hardly have the time in order to keep things running without being able to find enough time to organize things.

Start slow, make lists of all of the problem areas, throw out items you don’t want, need or use, and focus on the task at hand. If you feel that you need help, hire a Professional Organizer to help you and guide you on your path to total organization in your life.

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