No other animal on the planet has managed to have the same unique and loving relationship with its owner as the loveable dog. They’re our friends, protectors and family. Therefore, it’s only natural that we want our canine friends to be as happy and healthy as possible, which is why I’ve created this article. In just five minutes, you too can learn how to make your dog happy and healthy by using these 10 easy steps!

1. Food and Nutrition is the absolute most important step towards maintaining a healthy body for your dog. Without nutritious food and a proper diet, your family dog will succumb to illnesses that otherwise might not have been an issue. Ear problems, skin problems, stool troubles are just a few issues often related to a poor diet.

Would you feed your child food that would make them sick?
Of course not, right? Your dog deserves the same consideration, which is why you should be careful when purchasing dog food. There are a lot of cheap, unhealthy dog foods out there that you should avoid.

When shopping for dog food try to choose foods that have the following ratio of ingredients: 40% meat, 50% vegetables and 10% grain. Make sure that the meat content of the dog food is the first ingredient listed, to ensure that your dog gets the protein he needs to remain healthy. You also want to stay away from foods that have a high content of chemical preservatives. Last but certainly not least, foods that contain meat by-products are not fit for human consumption, and they shouldn’t be fed to your dog either. The best practice is to feed your best friend an all natural top of the line food found in the better pet stores.

2. Dogs Need Exercise. You want your dog to be physically fit and the only way to achieve this goal is to walk your dog on a consistent basis. If you’re using a crate to train your dog, make sure that it’s only a temporary solution, while you work on training your dog outside the crate. Dog fitness is crucial to her happiness!

3. Keeping Your Dog Clean may seem like a hassle at times, but it can save you even more hassle down the road. This is a job that should be done on a regular basis, yet not too much. Although keeping your dog clean is important for any dog, it is vital for dogs with allergies. Not only will it help your dog feel great, routine bathing using a top-grade dog shampoo can protect against skin problems in the future.

4. Dogs Skin isn’t always visible under its thick coating of fur, but that doesn’t mean you should slack when it comes to checking for lumps, fleas, abrasions, ticks and bruises. Make sure you make a habit of checking every now and then for skin irritations in order to keep your dog content. Healthy canine skin is light pink in color, depending on the breed it can also be brown or black. It should be free of flakes, scabs and redness.

5. Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears on a regular basis is essential to his health and happiness. Many dog owners neglect this aspect of their dog’s care, which eventually leads to health problems, such as reoccurring ear infections.

6. Dogs Eyes can become irritated just like ours. Dry eyes and allergies affect dogs as well as people. When you see sleepers in your dogs’ eye, make sure you wipe it away with a warm, damp cloth. Take notice to runny, red eyes and consult your Vet.

7. Trim Your Dog’s Nails on a regular basis. Dogs can’t play, walk or run comfortably without neatly trimmed nails. Some owners allow their dogs nails to grow too long, impeding their walk, which could lead to injuries. At the very least, it leads to your dog being uncomfortable.

However, you have to make sure you trim the nails properly. If you don’t know how to trim dog nails, make sure you learn before attempting to cut them or have a professional clip them for you.

8. Maintaining Your Dog’s Teeth is vital to his good health and happiness. Gingivitis is very painful and is the number one health concern that your dog faces. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of health issues, such as heart disease. Make sure you brush or use an oral hygiene rinse on your dog regularly. It’s a simple thing, but so very important.

9. Heartworm is a devastating condition that can lead to death. Make sure you visit your veterinarian regularly and use heartworm medication to protect your dog. Once heartworm is diagnosed, it is often irreversible.

10. Dogs are pack animals, and as such, they enjoy spending Time With Their Pack Leader. Make time for your furry friend, even if it’s just mindlessly throwing the ball, playing tug-of-war or going for a run in the park. There are all kinds of activities that you can do with your dog, and you’ll probably find yourself having as much fun as they are.

Follow the above tips and your dog is sure to grow up big, strong, healthy and happy. Our furry companions do so much for us--it’s only right to do the same for them. If you treat your dog properly, they’ll give you years of laughter, fun and joy in return.

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With over twenty five years as an authority on dog care, Janie Knetzer has saved the lives of many dogs while teaching responsible care to dog owners everywhere. Although Janie holds no degrees, she has successfully made an impact on the way people view, care for and value their pets.

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