Sometimes we all need to get away from the everyday routine. The tips and ideas we are mentioning are designed for a quick and easy weekend retreat for the two of you that will be remembered for years to come.

1. Don’t let your partner know the details of the getaway; instead pack their bags for them. Don’t forget to pack makeup, hairdryer, curling iron, shaver, pajamas, coats, or anything else you and your partner may need for the weekend. If you are not sure, then pay attention to your partner’s daily and nightly routine. Pack extra clothes so every scenario is covered. And don’t forget any medication or vitamins if either of you use them on a daily basis.

2. Locate an area that you can get to without having to drive more than a few hours. A nice hotel is always good, but can be too typical. Instead do a search for weekend rentals where the two of you will be alone. Some weekend rentals can be a bed and breakfast type of arrangement, but make sure it is for a single group, and not shared with other couples so you can be more intimate with each other. You might want to make sure the place has a grill in case you want to do some grilling. A small tourist town is a good idea, maybe near a lake or river or in the mountains. Make sure there are relaxing things to do. The more remote the place is the better, as if you get away from the big city lights you can enjoy the stars and night sky you don’t get to see normally.

3. If you have kids, arrange for a baby sitter or for a relative or friend to watch over them while you are gone. Family time is important, but the two of you also need your own time every once in a while so you can get back to romance and each other. Make sure to have this planned so you can leave once you both get home from work that Friday.

4. If you have pets, treat them like the kids, find someone to take care of them, or put them in the kennel for the weekend. This way, you aren’t distracted by the nightly or early morning walk or feeding. Remember this is a weekend for just the two of you. Make sure to have this planned so you can leave once you both get home from work that Friday.

5. Go grocery shopping and get some steaks and veggies that you can cook together or you can cook for your sweetheart the night you get there. Grab a few bottles of wine and maybe a couple of six packs of a nice beer for the weekend. If you are going to be grilling the steaks, don’t forget the marshmallows and some long skewers so you can toast some marshmallows. Smores are also nice, so if you like those, get graham crackers and chocolate bars to complete the toasted marshmallows. I would also grab some breakfast pastries and some nighttime snacks such as cheese and crackers. Don’t try to plan too many meals, as it will be like everyday. Just the one dinner, some quick breakfasts, and evening snacks to go with the wine and /or beer.

6. Don’t plan on too many things, your everyday life can be full of stuff you have to do, this weekend is time to be a little lazy with each other. If you never leave your little love nest, then neither of you should feel that you missed out on anything. Instead, do some research on the area you are going to, and have a few ideas in case you feel the need to go out.

7. Purchase some candles and some bubble bath. Use those candles for your steak dinner, and of course you might be able to enjoy a nice bubble bath together with candles all around you.

8. Tell your partner to not make any plans that weekend. Tell them that this weekend you need their undivided attention. Don’t go into details, remember this is a big surprise, this will add to the romantic feel of the entire weekend. Tell them to make sure to be home at a certain time. Preferably after the kids and animals are already handled so they arrive to just you and the car already packed. If they continue to bug you about why you need their undivided attention, let them think you are doing a weekend project. This won’t be a lie, as your relationship is important, and a weekend getaway is like a relationship project.

9. Bring a camera and take pictures of your getaway so you have them to remember for years to come. Make sure you know how to use the delay feature if it has one so you can have pictures of the two of you snuggled close. When you get back home, take a couple of those pictures and print them out and even frame them for your nightstand or picture wall. This way you will see them during your everyday lives of work, chores, and family.

10. On the big day, greet your sweetheart at the door when they arrive. Have a single rose and a smile on. Give them a big hug and a soft kiss. Tell them you have a nice quiet weekend planned for just the two of you, and that you are doing this because of how important they are to you and that even though the two of you get consumed by the day in and day out, that you have never forgotten how it all started. And wanted to do something special for just the two of you. Tell them their bags are packed and already in the car, but if they want to take a quick check to make sure they have everything they need feel free to make a run through the house. This part is important, as no matter how carefully you plan, there might be something they need, or maybe want to bring something special for you too. Then go and enjoy your weekend, and enjoy each other.

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