I was inspired to do this writing after a friend of mine kept complaining about his father. I told him to grab a pen and paper and write out:
“10 Things I Like About My Dad”

And to focus on that list every day for a minute or two a day. What this does is it sends out a positive vibration from the son to the dad. Over time (sometimes immediately) the dad will pick up on these positive vibrations and reciprocate in kind to the son. This new way of thinking also stops the son’s previous negative cycle of thinking from occurring. For instance, before the son might have thought, “My Dad’s an asshole”. The dad, being influenced by these negative vibrations from the son, begins to act like an ass. This behavior reinforces the son’s previous thinking “See, I knew he was an asshole” and the cycle continues.

Now with this new way of thinking a few other things are happening as well. As the son is continuously focusing on this new positive image of his dad, over time this new image will form a concept in the son’s subconscious mind. The son will literally begin to believe that his Dad is this new person. In response to this new image, the son will think more positively and take more positive actions in regard to his father. His dad, being influenced by these new actions and thoughts, will over time begin to think and act more positively towards his son.

As the son is not thinking so negatively about his father anymore, it will positively influence other areas of his life. Remember, for every amount of energy put out a like amount must be taken on. As the son has now replaced a portion of his former negative life with positive energy, he can expect to reap the rewards of this new way of thinking.

So try it out in your own life. If there is anyone out there you hate right now, write out: “10 Things I Like About (insert name)” and list ten qualities about them. Often times you’ll find that the things you don’t like about others are really areas that you need to heal within yourself. As you let go of those past hurts you’ll find your life much more enjoyable and peaceful. Also, an easy way to let go of any resentment towards others is to ask yourself, “What is it about this other person that I don’t like?” Let’s say the answer that comes up is “He talks too much”. It might simply be that you wish to talk more and that is why you don’t like this other person.

I’ll give an example of this. I have a friend named Jim who was always getting worked up, to the point of being REALLY upset, about his friend Gary being overweight. I asked Jim one day why Gary’s weight bothers him so much and he replied: “It just bothers me that he doesn’t want to take care of himself”. I told him that oftentimes what we don’t like about others is what we don’t like about ourselves. He replied with “But I’m not overweight”. I asked him “Well maybe you want to get into shape?” To which Jim replied “Yeah, I really want to start taking better care of myself. I smoke too much, am stressed out all the time…” and more. The point being is that Jim didn’t like about Gary what he didn’t like about himself. Once he was able to come to that realization, he no longer had an issue with Gary’s weight.

By the way I know some people are going to say “But Gary was overweight. Shouldn’t Jim have said something?” There is a difference between giving constructive advice and getting downright upset with someone. Also, Gary at this time was/is working really hard to get his weight under control.

By the way, you can also use this to strengthen your relationships. Let’s say you want to appreciate your wife more. You can write out; “Ten Things I Am Grateful for about My Wife” or “Ten Things I Love About My Wife”. By the way you don’t have to write just ten. Write as many as you like. As you focus and put out these positive vibrations, your wife will begin to respond in kind. This same process also works for virtually anything; work, exercise, dating, and more. So try it out! And start seeing the magic of thinking positively.


Author's Bio: 

Tony is a successful entrepreneur, a University of Southern California graduate (go Trojans!), and a student and teacher of the mind, body, and Soul. He’s been actively studying the brain and it’s relation to success for nearly ten years and would like to share his knowledge with you.