Productivity is very different when you’re a small business owner compared to large corporations. You’re making due, with limited resources and time. So, figuring out how to adapt your own strategies that work is very important. 

From figuring out which systems to put in place, and onboarding the right talent to increasing brand awareness through marketing efforts, small business entrepreneurs have to get creative about solutions to improve efficiency and increase productivity. The best starting point is what you’re about to read. Here are 13 productivity tips that you might not even know about yet that will help you as a small business entrepreneur.
- Set a Routine
- Prioritize Your Tasks
- Be Aware of How You Start Your Mornings
- Utilize Scheduling Tools
- Take Advantage of Your Flexibility
- Ask for Help
- Invest in Social Media
- Automate Tasks When You Can
- Get Rid of Time Wasters
- Streamline Your Internal Communications
- Adopt a Stress Relief Routine that Incorporates Movement
- Work on One Non-Urgent Task Every Day
- Practice Self-Management.

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