Going through a major life change (transition) is tough. Sometimes the transition is of your choosing (quitting your job to start your own business, having a baby, moving to a new home), and other times it's not (the death of a loved one, getting laid off, divorce). Whether you choose the transition you're in or not, transitions can be loaded with confusion, questions and fear. Here is a list of transition facts and tips to help you through any type of transition as easily and gracefully as possible.

1. Fact: A time of transition is a time of unknowns.

Tip: Transitions are more about "being" rather than "doing". Stay in the question and don't force an answer before its time. Let the answers come in their own time.

2. Fact: It can feel like nothing is happening during a transition.

Tip: A lot is happening during a transition, although much of it might be behind the scenes inner work. You'll be spending a lot of time thinking, processing and getting in touch with what you want next in your life. This inner work is a vital part of any transition.

3. Fact: Transition is a time for creating something new.

Tip: Transitions are a great time to gain clarity around what you really want for your life and/or business. Transitions are a time to create or revisit your big picture, plan and organize.

4. Fact: Transition is a time to leave something behind.

Tip: Transition time is the time between what was and what will be. To have "what will be" may require you to leave something from your past behind. This could be everything from old beliefs that no longer serve you to people that no longer fit the person you are now.

5. Fact: Transitions can be a time of great excitement and joy.

Tip: Transitions are a time for growth and growth doesn't have to be painful! Transitions are a time where you get to decide what you want. It can be a time of coming into your own power and claiming the life you most want.

6. Fact: Or, transitions can be a time of despair, grief, loss, and healing.

Tip: If a transition occurs due to the death or someone you love, losing a job or something else beyond your control your life will be shaken to its core. This type of transition feels like it is forced upon you, without any regard to what you really want.

Even though you didn't have control over your loss you do have a say in how your life will be in the future. Take back your life one step at a time and begin the task of rebuilding for a new future.

7. Fact: Sometimes it will be hard to see the light at the end of the transition tunnel, but be assured, one is there.

Tip: When you find yourself in the belly of the whale it can feel like you'll be there forever. Don't lose hope. You will emerge and possibly stronger and wiser than before.

8. Fact: Transitions can be painful because nothing seems to fit anymore.

Tip: Transitions can be a time of shedding the old. In fact, you might spend a good portion of your time in transition letting go of people, places and things that no longer fit the person you are becoming. Sometimes it's hard to know what should stay and what should go. If you have doubts, wait. Only get rid of what you know for sure isn't a fit.

9. Fact: Transitions can be powerful because it's a time to let go of what no longer fits and create something new that does fit.

Tip: This is what's cool about a transition - you get to decide! You have the final say over the decisions you make for your life and there's no better time for this during a transition. Stand in your power and claim the life you want.

10. Fact: Your transition can be very hard on the people close to you.

Tip: No matter how selfish it sounds your transition is all about YOU. Realize your decisions may impact those closest to you. If appropriate you can help soften the blow but you don't HAVE TO.

11. Fact: During a transition it can feel like you are all alone in the world.

Tip: Remember to reach out and surround yourself with people that care. Don't isolate yourself. Reach out, ask for help and advice. You don't have to go through a transition alone.

12. Fact: During a transition it can feel like you need to make a lot of big decisions, yet a few small decisions might be all that's really needed and all you can really do.

Tip: Be gentle and patient with yourself through any transition period. It's normal to feel impatient and agitated but pushing your way through may keep you in the transition phase for a longer period of time.

13. Fact: After a transition life will take on a new energy and purpose. Life will feel good again.

Tip: Believe life will feel good again. Believe it is possible. If you're going through a particularly tough transition it's easy to lose hope that life will ever feel good again. This is when it's important to seek out the help and / or advice from others. It's also a good idea to read stories of people who have made it through a tough life transition so their story can inspire and encourage you.

14. Fact: Transitions are a "normal" part of life.

Tip: Does knowing that make transition easier? Not necessarily, yet change is constant. If you're alive you're growing and that means changing. Change can be hard, even if it is normal. Don't fight change, even if fighting change feels more natural to you. Resisting change will keep you stuck. Allowing change will allow you to move forward.

15. Fact: Transitions don't happen overnight.

Tip: Use patience and trust. Remember transitions aren't only about getting to the other side, they're about learning and growing during the process too. Have patience with everything a transition has to offer you. You might want the end result, but honor the journey too.

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