1/96th of a day...what does that mean?

It means that over a 24-hour period, there are ninety six 15-minute increments. Take one hour and break it down into four 15-minute increments; 4 x 24 = 96. 1/96th of a day (15 minutes), such a small fraction of time, could change your life. What goes in, comes out...is what I consider the major determinant of how your internal spirit affects your whole life. Just 15 minutes a day of feeding this spirit will produce life-altering results. The average American spends two hours a day watching television. There are no positive results or achievements in watching television. If you take just 15 minutes a day to read a book or to listen to a personal development CD, then you will have begun your journey to reaching your next level of personal growth by motivating your spirit. Remember...What Goes In, Comes Out!

Visualize driving down Interstate 95 at 60 miles per hour and turning your steering wheel 1/96th to the left. Will you crash immediately and die? No. But eventually you will hit the guardrail, roll over and end your life. Hence, doing the same thing over and over again on a daily basis means that you have not made a mental decision to change the negativity that is feeding your internal spirit...what’s going in and coming out. To develop your faith and belief you need to consistently feed your spirit each and every day -- all it takes is 1/96th of a day. I personally feed my spirit a minimum of two hours a day in order to sustain myself like a finely-tuned machine.

I challenge you today to make a decision to invest 15 minutes of a day in yourself by reading a book or listening to a motivational CD. These 15 minutes could change your life forever!

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John Di Lemme

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