As the Radio Love Psychic on the nationally renowned KXRK Radio From Hell morning show, I use a few sneaky tricks to get the quick, accurate reads on the callers. The first is that there are some unchangeable, immutable Universal Laws regarding people’s connections with each other. The next is there are common energetic patterns that become easy to spot after thousands of psychic reading clients. As I work on my first published book, Meta-Relationships – The Simple Psychic Truths of Real People Connections, scheduled for Summer 2010, all these ideas are swirling in my mind and I feel like I have to blog about them now instead of waiting. Tonight I wanted to write about the most important thing to remember about having wonderful relationships.

Thing #1

If I had to pick one thing about relationships I wish everyone fully understood it would be this:

#1 Universal Law for Relationships:

All the Healthy, Joyful, Whole People Are All Running Around Dating, Mating and Relating with Each Other.

This idea is not only always true, but also easily proved from common observation of the world. Healthy, happy people do not relate well to those who are not. Happy people do not date depressed people (very long). Healthy people do not hang around with insecure people (very long). It is similar to the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Observation of this fact proves the assertion so you might find it interesting to see how often this idea holds true.

You might think of a person dating a very troubled person and say that is an exception to the Law! However, this can be an example of a caretaker/dependent type of relationship where someone is fixing the other. The usual pattern is that these do not turn out that great over the long run.

If You Tell Me You are Dating an Insecure, or Troubled, Person,

I know a lot about you already. If you indicate that you are not a completely Happy, Healthy person yet, I can stop there and don’t have to do a psychic read for you when it comes to predicting your relationship outcomes. It is impossible for you to have a Happy Healthy intimate relationship at this time. I will be accurate all of the time on this.

If you do know that you are not a perfectly healthy, whole person yet, there is no use in complaining or worrying or whining about your dating or mating life – you will not get a Whole, Joyful situation till you have done your part. We mystics are always saying goofy things like “Change yourself - Change your outcome!” And now you know why.

Your Job is to Get on the Healthy Joyful Whole Playground

“But Margaret Ruth!” People exclaim, “I have never met/dated/etc these Happy Whole people you keep yammering about.” Well – that is because all those folks are all hanging out on a different playground than yours. I call it the Healthy Joyful Whole playground.

This is one of the reasons why we mystics are always talking about YOU and where you are and what is going on with you. In the case of a person wanting an enriching, vital, evolving, healthy relationship, it is Law that the person must first be a whole, complete, enriched, healthy person. So, much of what you read in self growth and personal improvement genres focuses on ideas to get you on that Happy Healthy playground. It is there that you can run with the other joyful, whole playground mates.

See ya there!

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