Search for “inspirational quotes” online and millions of posts will pop up. That is because we, as entrepreneurs and human beings, are always looking for ways to get and stay motivated. However, in the hunt for this spark of inspiration, we fall upon quotes that are great but end up being from someone with who we cannot relate with. Think of falling upon quotes from Benjamin Franklin (and there are a lot of these)  - really great words from the wise, but how relatable is it to a female entrepreneur?

It is important to take the time to choose the right inspirational quotes to take in. So, we have decided to make it more relevant to female entrepreneurs. Here is a list of 24 inspirational quotes from successful women in business:
- Achieving Your Goals & Success
- Being A Leader
- Overcoming Obstacles & Dealing With Failure
- Working Hard
- Having A Millionaire Mindset
- Embracing Being A Female Entrepreneur

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