It’s Your Life!

25 Tips for the Entrepreneur that will keep you on the right path…

1. Take 30 minutes a day to move! Smile while you move it is the best
natural anti-depressant available (endurance, health, focus).
2. Take 10 minutes a day sit in silence; no phones, no computer (refreshes
the mind).
3. Every morning before you step out of bed complete the following statement:
“My purpose today is ________________.”
4. Eat more foods that grow on plants and less foods made from the inside of
commercial plants.
5. Drink plenty of water, drink green tea, and eat fruit grown in local
trees, wild Alaskan salmon, spinach, carrots and almonds.
6. Try to make at least 3 people smile each day. Smiles are contagious so
just smile at them and they will smile back.
7. Don’t waste your energy on gossip, issues of the past, negative thoughts,
things you can not control. Focus on what you “DO” want, dream big!
8. Eat breakfast, lunch in peace and dinner with a friend or loved one in a
chair leisurely.
9. Life is not fair, BUT it is still good.
10. Life is too short to be angry, stingy and/or greedy.
11. Try not to judge yourself! Find yourself to be your best ally not your
worst enemy.
12. Make peace with your past, so it won’t spoil the present. It is over,
next is ahead!
13. Don’t compare your life to that of others, you have no idea what their
journey is about or been.
14. You don’t have to win every argument, it is ok to disagree.
15. No one is in charge of your happiness except for you! Close your eyes and
say I am the boss.
16. Frame any “disaster” with these words, “Five years from now will it
matter?” Better yet “One year from now will it matter”.
17. Forgive everyone for everything, unforgiveness only hurts you.
18. What other people think of you is none of your business, what you think of
you is vital!
19. God helps, it is His plan. We just need to trust His bigger picture, know
we are loved and keep moving forward.
20. However good or bad a situation is; it will change. The one thing we can
bet on is change will happen, move with it!
21. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick, your friends & family
will. Keep in touch and be social.
22. Envy is a waste of time. You already have everything you need.
23. Each night before you go to bed, complete the following statements: “I am
thankful for _____________.” “Today I accomplished _____________.” Stay
in a mindset of gratitude.
24. Remember, you are too blessed to be stressed.
25. Share this with everyone.

Author's Bio: 

Robin Hardy is well known for her expertise in guiding men & women into creating tangible actionable results through Media Training, PR Consulting, Creative Development, Marketing and Business Plans. With over 12 years of experience and the application of her 6 Empowered Keys Program Robin ensures that her clients create a solid sense of direction leading to greater profitability. Her methods empower people to stretch beyond their limitations, re-invent through a solid sense of self-esteem and deepen their levels of confidence for unstoppable success. Robin speaks nationally, teaches on college campuses and coaches individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs. As Development Director & Feminine Leader for The Amazing Woman’s Day Movement she contributes her insights to empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether it be as an Business Building Expert, An Inspirational Speaker, An Author or host of Empowering you Radio, there’s one thing for certain; Robin is dedicated to helping others achieve their wildest dreams.