With all of the differing advice available about how to use the Law of Attraction, some people may feel a bit confused about how to start applying it in their own lives. They may even doubt that the Law of Attraction is real. Does this describe you? If so, read on for a couple of easy ways to begin using the Law of Attraction and create your very own evidence that it works.

1) Improving the content of your thoughts.

No matter which Law of Attraction teaching you follow, the importance of improving your thoughts cannot be disputed. Your thoughts are the very beginning part of the creation process, so it makes sense to start there.

In a general sense, whatever you think about the most is what is going to be reflected back into your life. If you tend to worry about negative possibilities a lot, you will attract a lot of situations that make you worry. If you constantly relive painful memories, you will keep attracting more painful situations in your current life.

The easiest way to change this negative thinking habit is to start getting into the habit of thinking positively. You can monitor your thoughts throughout the day and stop yourself when you notice that you are focused in a negative direction, or you can be proactive about deliberately thinking more positive thoughts.

Either way, note that it will take a little time before you get comfortable with this, especially if your negative thought habit is well ingrained.

2) Deliberately choosing better expectations.

Do you habitually gravitate toward negative expectations? For example, do you often say things like this? “This will never work. I don’t know why I’m bothering to do this. She’s going to be late again. I’ll probably get stuck in traffic on my way home.”

You may think that you’re just “being realistic” but you are actually attracting those types of experiences with your negative expectations. The good news is that you can turn the trend around by instead choosing more positive expectations.

Rather than affirming that you’ll get stuck in traffic, try saying firmly, “I intend that my ride home is smooth, quick and easy.” Before your next important interview or meeting say, “This meeting/interview will be enjoyable, efficient and productive for everyone concerned.”

It’s important to point out that these are not “magical incantations” that will always work perfectly, but you will be surprised by just how often they do seem to work! The important thing is to choose what you want, intend it, and be detached about the outcome. If it doesn’t seem to work, just try it again in another situation. Hint: they seem to work better and better the more you practice!

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David Hooper is a Law of Attraction expert and author of "The Rich Switch - The Simple 3-Step System to Turn on Instant Wealth Using the Law of Attraction." Visit http://www.richswitch.com/ to get a copy of the audio book version free of charge.