Women want to be held, men want sex. Could we be any more different? It’s doubtful. It has been said that a man could go crazy trying to understand the mind of a woman. I fear that it may be true. Then again, men have never been that great at understanding. Why not give it a whirl? Open yourself to what’s important to your wife and then give it to her. You’d be amazed at how your relationship can be ignited when you express your care and concern to her in a meaningful manner. I’ve included several tips that are guaranteed to spice things up, or at least get her attention.

Flowers won’t do the trick. That is, unless you’ve got something else going. My first tip for making her fall madly in love with you when all may be lost is to give her a dozen roses. Actually, any arrangement will do. Have them waiting for her when she comes home from work at night. But don’t stop there. If you do, you’re copping out and you won’t convey that you truly care to the greatest of your ability.

Forget about the tiny card that most florists give out to accompany their arrangements. Buy a card at Hallmark or wherever, and make sure it includes a special message that will touch her heart. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or something that’s not you—just make sure it is meaningful. Now, for the final touch. Write a short note, where you tell your wife exactly what, specifically, you appreciate about her.

Go to a crafts store and buy a small white puzzle that you can write on, along with a small metal tin. Take some time to craft a poem to your wife, and tell her why you love her. Make it short, simple and sweet, because it’s got to fit on the puzzle. Once you’ve got the poem to your liking, write it on the blank puzzle, then break up the puzzle and put it in the metal tin.

Present it to your wife at the most opportune moment, saying, I wanted to give you something special, “just because.” This is my second strategy to put you in good graces with your wife, but it isn’t for the faint of heart or those who aren’t too secure in their identity. If you invest your time and energy, there’s no way she’ll not know that you care about her with this one.

My third tip on winning back her heart is to try actually listening to your spouse. I know it may take some getting used to. But, you may find you’re getting to know each other all over again after hiding behind your paper or favorite TV network all these years. Instead of grunting in response to your wife’s words behind the safety of the Wall Street Journal or whatever paper you read on a daily basis, make it a habit to give her your full, undivided attention. In other words, put the paper down and try looking in her eyes when she’s speaking.

If you’re up to it, you may want to ask clarifying questions, such as, “what I hear you saying is ___. Is that right?” Or, “could you explain what you mean by that?” Though this may radically go against your instinct, when you make a commitment to do this regularly, you’ll very likely find your relationship going to another level.

Change can be difficult, especially if it’s got to start with you. But wouldn’t it be nice to experience a little bit of peace at home, even if it’s only for a couple weeks? With your efforts in demonstrating -- tangibly and practically -- that you care about your wife by listening to her when she’s talking to you, getting her flowers once in a while, or writing that rare poem to her, you may find that she’s falling back in love with you when you least expected it.

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