It is estimated that 41 million Americans will be traveling this holiday season. World travel author, Wayne Dunlap - Plan Your Escape, offers some common travel scams and how to avoid them making holiday traveling more enjoyable.

1) Always pay with a credit card. Fraudulent discount travel clubs and other operators have been known to take people’s money and run. Also, legitimate companies can go out of business. Credit cards are safer because the charge can be disputed if the promised services were misrepresented. For best protection, report any problem promptly. Also, call the airline, hotel, cruise, and car rental companies and verify that the reservation has been made.

2) Be aware of hidden charges - even from well-known companies. Read the fine print. What may look like a great deal may have hidden costs and mandatory fees not included in the price. Airline flights often have additional fees. Hotels can add up to 20% extra to the bill for taxes and fees commonly named resort, service, parking, Internet, and energy. Car rentals may require additional insurance and other fees. Flight and hotel costs may be left out of a great deal on a cruise.

3) Be cautious of a deal too good to be true. Offers claiming free things such as a hotel stay are often fraudulent where additional travel items such as airfare needs to be booked and the hotel is nothing like what was offered. Be cautious of e-mail requests for help from ‘friends’. E-mail addresses may be obtained from social media sites. Be particularly cautious when giving personal information such as passport and credit card details.

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