The inbound call centers generally run campaigns of customer support and customer care and to run these campaigns effectively the inbound call center will need skilled agents and the best contact center solution. When you will look around in the market to buy a contact center solution, you will find many options. All call center software will claim to be the best and will allure you with tons of features. However, the fact is many of these call center solutions miss the most vital features. Often, the buyers miss to check these important features and then end up paying more to get these features as customization service. To help you, I will share the top 3 must-have features in the contact center solution for an inbound call center in this article. Make sure you check the feature list to ensure the contact center software you are buying have these features.

1. Sticky Agent

This is a call routing feature and it can work amazingly in the process of providing the best customer support and increase customer satisfaction. This feature of the call center software will route the call of the customers to the same agent, he talked last time. It means the customer will be dealing with the same agent almost all the time. The agent will know requirement, taste, history and behavior pattern of the client so the agent can serve this client better.

2. IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

Generally, the call centers deal with the heavy load of calls and that’s the reason the callers need to wait in the call queue. Sometimes, this call queue work as a major contributor to turn off the customer and make him so furious that he spits his anger on social media platforms. These types of cases create serious damages to the brand name. Here, an inbuilt IVR can work amazingly well. The IVRS will let customers self serve themselves by interacting with a voice response system. The customer only needs to reach the agent if they have some different type of concern that couldn’t get resolved by the IVR system of the call center software.

3. Call routing rules

The stick agent is one of the best call routing rules and it has to be there in your contact center solution for inbound call center. However, you can’t ignore the fact that there can be heavy call loads or certain other criteria where the call of the customer may need to hand over to another agent than putting him in the call queue. To handle such situations and some custom campaigns, you should ensure that your contact center solution has multiple call routing rules such as,

• Advanced Call Distribution
• Skill based routing
• And more

Concluding Notes:

The contact center solution is the most important tool of a call center and it must have advanced features. The above mentioned 3 are the most important features and you must ensure it is there. Along with these you can look for features such as, WebRTC based web phone, disposition bucket, soundboard, CRM integration, etc. in your contact center solution.

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David is working for a VoIP development company that offers contact center solution along with other advanced solutions such as voice broadcasting solution, VICIDial solution, IP PBX Solution, etc