A lot of negative energy surrounds aspiring full-time poker players and poker nomads. If you are not armed with a right mindset, the negativity can be really damaging and stop you from playing the game
Here are three important things about Poker that will ultimately empower your mindset.

Poker is a skill

The debate for whether poker is gambling or not might not end soon, but for someone passionate about pursuing the game, their mindset needs some lectures.
But first, here is what I think, for a game that requires skill, dedication and deep thought like Poker, it’s players deserve to be paid.
The level of deep thought that goes into playing Poker is way too much than that required for football yet football players live off playing football.
To allow you fully indulge into Poker, you need to embrace this mindset. That Poker is a beautiful game that takes a lot of skill and that you deserve to get paid for that skill

Poker is still a debate for many countries on whether it is a gambling game or not

Online poker is relatively safe to play from any country around the World, but not every Government gives out Poker licenses, that’s why it's better to stick to online poker and legit sites like dewapoker than to play onsite unless you are in a country that accepts it.
Some of the best countries to play Poker from and warmly accept it are Thailand, Mexico, UK, Costa Rica, Malta, and Australia.
Even though the US is a paradise for fun, games, tourists, and excitement, surprisingly poker there is legal in only 3 states which are New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.
What makes Australia, UK and the rest of the countries I listed conducive places to play poker is that on top of having awesome poker casinos, they host poker events.
In places like Costa Rica, an entire Island called Pura Vida is well known to host Poker nomads. The internet there is super-fast, the Island has tasty cheap food and is easily accessible by flight.
This I bet is eye-opening if you are like me that thought poker was as bad as smuggling drugs.

There is nothing in life that doesn't involve gambling
Let’s start by defining what gambling means according to the Oxford dictionary. Gambling is to play games of chance. Poker is not a game of chance. You must put in skill and play the cards to win.

It’s just like any game that requires practice and skill.
Why is it that when you trade on the stock market and lose you are not gambling but when you stack in a casino then you are gambling?
To gamble means to take chances. In life, everything is a gamble. You set up a business, invest heavily and no one buys your products. That’s a gamble that didn’t yield positive results which is ok.
Make gamble in making work choices, marriage decisions, food etc.
If something has been holding you back from becoming a full-time poker player, always remember
these 3 points.

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