For a man, there’s nothing more dapper than donning a suit. For decades, men have been fascinated by suits along with its various cuts, fabrics and designs. One can really transform themselves with a suit, with broadened shoulders and leaner waist. But here’s a catch. How great you look and feel in your suit will significantly depend on how you tailor them. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the suit from a renowned designer or your local clothing store as with the right tailoring, you can transform them immensely. Precisely for this reason, professional clothing alterations in Sydney are so popular these days.

Irrespective of whether it’s you 100th suit or the first one, there are certain things which you should always keep in mind. People who aren’t aware of such things usually end up making several mistakes.

suit alterations

Not focus on the fit for the shoulders

The jacket of the suit should be perfectly fit, and this is where many people go wrong. They don't consider the fact that if the shoulders of the jacket feel a bit saggy, it usually means that its way too big for them. Also, they tend to believe that shoulders are too tight means that the fit is right which isn’t the case at all; it just means that the jacket is small for their size. Make sure you ask the tailor to be extremely cautious while altering the shoulders as things could very well go haywire and you might have to replace the suit altogether.

Getting the jacket length wrong

It's not just about the fit in your shoulders and arms, but the length of your jacket is equally important. The thing is, most people think that wearing short jackets will make them look modern but this isn’t true. If you are going the casual way, wearing short blazers with jeans might be a good idea but not in a traditional suit. Ideally, the length of your jacket should be in sync with the length of your hands hanging.

Not slimming the sleeves

If you follow the fashion trends around, you will know that narrow trousers are in fashion. But many people go wrong in this aspect because although most of them ask their tailor to narrow their trousers, they don’t even consider the fact that even the sleeves of their jacket can be narrowed too. Imagine how the suit will look, with narrow trousers and baggy sleeves. Not a good sight, right? Precisely for this reason, if you are going for suit alterations in Sydney, make sure that you also slim the sleeves as this will give your suit a more polished look.

So these are some of the main reasons why you should be extra attentive while altering your suits. First and foremost, you need to find an experienced and capable tailor who can convert your vision into reality. Needless to say, suits are expensive and if you don’t want amateur professionals doing experiments on your suit and ruining them, always go for ones which have several years of experience tailoring suits and other clothing. Make sure not to compromise in any way with the quality.

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