“3 Things that Many Take for Granted”

Here are 3 things that everyone needs in order to feel happy and fulfilled and thus feel great about life.

Need to Feel Love - Everyone wants to be loved. Oh, they might say they don’t need love but the reality is everyone needs someone to care for them and to look out for them and feel that someone is always there for him or her. Studies show that babies who are not loved have developmental problems. Love is just as essential for human development as air and food. Love makes us feel like getting up in the morning. Love makes us feel alive, love makes us feel like we are trying to make a difference in the world. Love gives us the intestinal fortitude to do what we have to do every day. Love is one of the building blocks of confidence. And love is the cement that holds our foundation of faith together. Plus, love is the essence that holds the universe together… and our world including our faith.

Need to Be Seen - Everyone wants to be seen, we want other people to know we exist… and that we are alive. And we want to help other people and make a difference in the world or at least our family. Young children who don’t have access to other children grow up with stunted social skills… and thus they lack self-confidence which can lead to other social challenges. To want to be seen, to want to have others think we know what we are doing makes us feel powerful. Now, this is different from having to use force in the world. Force has to be pushed, and shoved, and needs constant effort to accomplish anything. Power is a state of being, a state of love, a state of existence which people are drawn to and thus we are seen.

Need to Feel Wanted - Everyone needs to feel wanted, everyone needs to feel that their existence in the world has meaning. Personally, I remember my mother feeling sad when my youngest sister got her driver’s license. Mom was angry, and went out and kicked the tires of my sister’s car… because she felt she was no longer needed. Before that, she was always taking us kids to this or that appointment or function, to a football game, to piano lessons, or something else. And that made my mom feel wanted… and everyone needs to have a purpose. Luckily she eventually found other things to do to fill her life and regained her purpose.

Right now I see lots of people struggling because they don’t have these 3 things. And this goes back to the challenges of our society, many people feel lost. In fact, just this morning, I had someone contact me in order to find out how to create purpose… and how to feel good about life. Well, adding these three things to life with the help of prayer, meditation and contemplation can overcome all obstacles and find true happiness.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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