"Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation." - Oscar Wilde

Whether it was a long time ago or recently, you promised to love, honor, and cherish your spouse. That includes the way you talk with each other. Perhaps you've slipped into disrespectful patterns. Maybe you just need a few ideas to uplift your conversations. Use the tips inside to boost your "love talk."

3 Parenting Tips that Build Character and Increase Love:

Look Each Other in the Eye When You Speak ~

It's so easy to talk without looking at your spouse. Maybe you do this while working on the car, washing the dishes, or eating dinner. If you're talking without looking, don't be surprised if your spouse is daydreaming.

Make your spouse will feel special and important. Give your partner your full attention. Start with talking, looking, and listening today. Eye to eye contact is definitely worth the effort.

Practice Taking Turns When Speaking ~

Take turns with the "microphone." When one partner broadcasts and the other just listens, ”love talk" flies out the window. Let's face it, nonstop talkers are boring. Silent partners are too. Practice listening and talking. Create your bond of companionship with mutual conversation.

See Things from Your Partner's Perspective ~

To be close to someone is to know what they think and feel. You don't have to agree. You don't need to argue either. You do need to understand. To show you understand, repeat your partner's words in your own way. Ask if you've got it right. If not, try again.

To be understood is what we all want. Take turns repeating each other’s ideas when you converse. Find out if you're correct. Keep your "love talk" flowing.

Parenting Tips Conclusion:

Imagine your spouse looking at you with interest when you're speaking. Discover the interaction when you share the microphone. Feel the closeness when you truly know how each other thinks and feels. Speaking and listening with interest and respect is "Love Talk." Increase your companionship with your conversation.

Your children are watching. They'll follow in your footsteps. Their personalities will brighten. Start building their character by modeling "love talk" today.

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