You can get better results than you are now. All it takes is three simple steps leading to better actions. You have a sales plan now, right? But if you aren’t getting the results you want there is something wrong with your plan that is keeping you from getting what you want.

If you don’t have a sales plan for insurance sales success, now is the time to develop one. A sales plan is more that the mission you have for yourself over the next year. A sales plan should include the specific actions you will take and a way to track those actions to measure when you’re on target, or off target so you can take immediate actions to correct your course before it’s too late.

You may set a sales target to sell enough products to result in $2,000 commission each week. When you find yourself falling short on that target especially if it begins to happen over a period of several weeks it’s time to stop and identify what’s keeping you from doing what you plan to do. Ignoring missed targets doesn’t make them go away. If fact, trying to ignore the root cause of a problem can lead to more bad results in other areas of your business that will keep you from insurance sales success.

You know what you want and you know you aren’t getting it. Before you start brain storming alternative solutions to what you’re doing now dig down to the real reason you aren’t getting the insurance sales success you want from the actions you’re taking. As an example, you may need more appointments to hit your sales targets. The way you get appointments now is you make cold calls. So, you’re thinking if you want more appointments to get more sales you just have to make more calls.

Wrong. Doing more of something that isn’t working only gets you more failures. Are you calling the right people for the right reason with an attention grabbing “I can’t wait to hear more” message? Do you have an agenda for the call with a predefined set of potential outcomes? Should cold calling even be the way you fill your appointment calendar?

Working on your plan by yourself isn’t necessarily a good idea. It’s too easy to get trapped in your current thinking pattern and not even realize what you’re overlooking. You may not even know how to put together a good plan. Working with other agents can lead to tunnel vision about how to achieve insurance sales success. Look for outside help to make steady and consistent improvements in your sales success.

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