When a client comes for a session, you shouldn't have to convince them that your work is good. But you do have to go the extra mile to build "credibility" so they can immediately trust you.

One of the easiest and most direct ways to do this - and grow your practice by leaps and bounds - is to feature the following 3 things that I do. Some of you may feel like they're a given, but many practitioners completely forget to use them in their practice.

You can never generate too much trust and satisfaction. In fact, if you enjoy getting bodywork as much as I do, you've probably noted the best practitioners use these simple techniques over 80% of the time! And that's for good reason... they are hands-down the BEST way to gain instant credibility. So listen up and use them well!

There are 3 things you can do to ensure your clients success, and ... also, ensure that you're successful too.

1. Set the stage for a RESULTS-ORIENTED session.

The most effective sessions are results oriented. That is, they are set up to measure the results your clients have gotten. Be sure to include a measure for the desired result to get you client's attention and dramatically increase their response.

Lame result measure: completing the whole session and then only asking at the end, "How are you feeling?"

Awesome result measure: check in at the beginning of the session by using a scale (or other reference) for what they are experiencing in the moment. I sometimes have my client close their eyes, so they can really notice. Then I ask my client, "What are you noticing?" and, I ask for a reference point on a scale of 1 - 4.

After the session, I ask again, "What are you noticing right now?' and then reference the scale again. Now we can compare the differences before and after the session.

Of course, a few people are just not "noticers" and that's okay too.

2. Include information that the client has given you.

Have you ever gone for bodywork or a massage for a particular reason? Maybe your shoulder hurt or you have a pain in your side? And, they've worked all around, doing the session their way, when all you want is some attention paid to the area you pointed out at the beginning! You wait and... you wait.

Yah, right! I'm sure they'll get to my real problem... meanwhile you're dying of suspense.

Use the information that the client has already given you with their health history. Go there early in the session. Change your usual pattern, or at least tell your client when they can expect some attention in the place they need it the most!

The more you engage your client the more they believe you're interested in helping them. Include the area, the reflex, the site of discomfort reflex, etc... It's important to let them know your work is geared toward them.

3. Use homework or self help to give the client the opportunity to participate more fully in their own wellness.

Give the client some useful tips or even better, homework to carry them through the week until you see them again. This will get them engaged in their own healing process. Don't worry, it won't make your great Reflexology sessions obsolete. A lot of people just want to relax and let someone else to do the work. That's why there are jobs for Reflexologists!

If you have trouble getting your clients to notice the great experiences working with you, or using your services, don't get mad at them. You just have to educate them. It's rare that a client knows what to look for or what to expect. Give them the tools to monitor their own progress. Giving them even the simplest suggestions will add tremendously to the benefits of their experience. Gets them off their butts and works every time!

© Wendy I. Coad

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Wendy Coad, Master Reflexologist, Licensed Bodyworker and Creator of "The Foot Factor" DVD Reflexology Training Program, helps reflexologists and aspiring reflexologists find their true passion for helping others (or take their existing skills to a whole other level) while "healing the world one foot at a time." Wendy’s wealth of knowledge and teaching skills provide the techniques, guidance and confidence for you to begin or expand upon a brilliant career in Holistic Health. For a FREE download report and a treasure trove of instruction to get you started today, visit Wendy’s website www.ReflexologyProf.com