Many people believe that if they work hard enough, they will get what they want. Or if they visualize what they want, they will get it. True, if you work hard enough and visualize hard enough, you might get what it is you want, however, there are tips and tricks to getting what you want faster. A very important thing to understand is that a certain type of person does certain types of things, and has certain types of things. For example, a doctor will have different hobbies usually than a bus driver will. They live in different houses, think differently about money, and function in their social circles differently. So the question is what type of a person you must be in order to have what you want. So here are some tips to help you attract what you want by becoming the kind of person who has or does the things you want to have or do.

1. First you must figure out what you want, and once you do, figure out what type of person has that same thing. Figure out how that type of person would dress, how they would think, how they would speak, how they would carry themselves in general. What sort of places would they go on a regular basis. What would their hobbies be. You must literally "walk in their shoes," if you are to get what you want with the least amount of energy and effort. You cannot keep thinking and acting as you do if you want to get the things you want. You are in alignment to get more of what you have right now without any change. I highly recommend figuring out what type of person has what you want, and how that type of person speaks, acts, walks, and anything else about their thinking you can.

2. Find someone to emulate. Once you figure out what type of person has what you want, find someone like that in the world to emulate. It wouldn't hurt to find people who have what you want in order to figure out how someone like that thinks, speaks, acts, talks, and walks. Once you do find someone to emulate, study them as much as possible. It could be a real life person who has those traits, or a character from a movie or television show. It makes no difference, you could even pick someone from history. Once you find that person, start approaching the world as they would. Talk as they would. Think as they would about things. Ask yourself what they would do in situations that you come across through out your day and then take the same course of action that they would. This is the quickest way to bring that type of energy into your life.

3. Take the time to visualize yourself acting as the new person you need to be in order to attract the things into your life that you want. Think back over your day about things that happened and play them in your mind. Once you get to a point in the visualization of situations during your day that the new you would do something different, simply clip off what really happened, as if it were a movie, and replace the rest of the visualization with what the you who has what you want would do. For example, let's say that the you now ran into an old friend and your typical response is to simply ask how they are doing and how the family is and make idle chit chat until you can move on with your day. But the you that you need to be would do things differently. They would be polite and ask how life is and such, but the new you would also explain how you are moving in so many directions right now. You have this going on and that going on and so on. The new you would explain some of your dreams and where you are going, and ask about the other persons dreams and goals and how they are working on them. The new you would allow for an opportunity to arise with this past friend. Simply plug what the new you would do into the visualization.

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