We are close to the end of January. If you are on your P's & Q's....Then by now you should've started seeing some results and progress. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for? You do this to yourself...year after year. Stop it already and get on your way to achieving the dream body you so much deserve and improve your health! After all, we are only given one body to last our lifetime. So why not make it a body you love, since you're going to be dealing with it all your life?

Ok....Now, here are three of the most important things you need to be doing to burn fat:

1) Figure out your food intake.

You can't just "wing it". You can't "eyeball" your food intake, as research shows that even nutritionists underestimate how much food they are eating.

So find out exactly how many calories you are eating each day. If you aren't losing fat, it's a simple numbers game. You are eating too much. And if you know your numbers, its easy to make the necessary changes.

An awesome food intake software "I personally use (specially now that Im getting ready for NPC figure competition)" is FitDay:

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Take control of your diet and fitness with this easy-to-use software.

As one Fit Day user said on the message boards...

"Ok, I input all my meals on Fitday yesterday, including 2 cheats that I didn't think were a big deal. One was a handful of trail mix and the other was a handful of goldfish crackers. (yes, I have kids

:-) ) I can't believe how just those two seemingly harmless snacks added up!! No wonder I have a muffin top! Yikes! So thanks for the tip about Fitday because that's going to keep me accountable."

Use it and lose it!

2) Use the right recovery pace in your interval training.

The biggest mistake people make in interval training is working too hard during the recovery period.

But if you work too hard in the recovery period, you end up turning your interval training back into a normal cardio session.

So lose the cardio mentality and be sure to alternate between periods of harder than normal exercise, and very easy exercise.

Use the recovery period to recover!

3) Plan your food intake on the weekend

Set aside time to plan, shop, and prepare several days worth of meals. Use a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to cook some chicken breasts, prepare some raw vegetables, wash your fruit, and pack up your nuts.

Plan ahead and you won't succumb to vending machine follies, or gas station sabotage on your diet.

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Author's Bio: 

Carol Medina is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and independent Herbalife distributor. Carol Medina specializes in body shaping through weight training, nutrition, and cardiovascular exercise. She is also experienced in improving functional movements, core strengthening, flexibility, and balance. She has well round knowledge in nutrition and supplementation.
Carol Medina trains both male and female clients of all fitness levels and customizes each program accordingly. She is very serious when it comes to perfecting a person’s overall physical appearance and applies a variety of cutting edge techniques to help a person attain his or her goal.
Carol Medina really enjoys working with people to stay fit and healthy and most importantly teaches them how to change their way of life and eating habits so they maintain their fitness


Specializing in the areas of:

*Supplementation & Dietary Support
*Program Design
*Strength Training & Body Sculpting
*Core Training
*Flexibility Training
*Balance Training
*Reactive Training
*Cardiovascular Training
*Science of Exercise
*Training Adaptations

My current personal goal is to compete for National Physique Committee (NPC) as an amateur Figure Competitor. For 2008' I will be competing in March, May, June, and November. I intend to become a Professional Figure Competitor. My Future goals are to obtain a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and obtain a license as a massage therapist. I will also open a fitness studio featuring: one-on-one personal training, nutrition, and massage therapy.

• March 2008' NPC Figure National Qualifier
• May 2008' NPC Figure National Show
• June 2008' NPC Figure National Show
• November 2008' NPC Figure National Show