Is it possible to read facial expressions to tell when someone isn't being truthful?

We find it much more difficult to control our facial expressions than our choice of words.

In fact, researchers have proven conclusively that their are certain muscles in our face that are very difficult to control and these are the muscles that are the most reliable in lie detection.

These facial expressions are triggered by emotion and are involuntary.

Some that have mastered the ability to interpret these involuntary muscle movements are achieving an amazing 90% accuracy.

Here are 3 revealing facial clues to watch for that identify deceit or lies;

1. Timing

If their facial expressions are not in synch with what they are saying. they might be hiding something or lying.

For example, if the moment calls for a smile and the smile is delayed or the timing is off.. A genuine smile will crest over their face like a wave.

2. Emotion and facial expressions

When someone is lying, they will do one of three things.

- Show emotion when they have none

- Show no emotion (poker face)

- Mask one emotion with another

3. Eyes and upper half vs. lower half

The upper half of a persons face is a much more reliable
measure than the lower half. It generates more involuntary clues and is extremely difficult for someone to control.

Using smiling as an example, the most revealing clue if a
smile is genuine or manufactured is in the eyes.

Look at the muscles that surround the eye socket. The
Zygomaticus major muscle running from the cheekbone at an angle to the corner of the lips indicates a sincere smile.

Although these are strong signs, you should always
look for other body language & voice tone signals.

There is no substitute for knowledge. Knowing how to
interpret lying signals and how to apply the right techniques to confirm your suspicions will amplify your success dramatically.

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