The sex usually starts off great. It’s fresh, it’s exciting and you worship your partner. Why then does this excitement fade away? Why does the sex and the relationship fade out over time? Well, there are many reasons but keeping your sex life healthy is all about self growth.

As a guy, the real challenge is to last longer in bed. In fact the number one reason why women are unfulfilled sexually is simply because guys have the “hit and run” mentality. Here are 3 great tips to help you have a more intimate and a more loving relationship:

1. Communicate Your Needs
So often we want something different from what our partners think we want. This is where communication comes in – especially in the bedroom. Having your sexual needs fulfilled is a crucial part of a happy and fulfilled relationship. If your partner does not know what you want, how can they give it to you?

2. Put Your Partner First
Real love is all about giving – net getting. When you let you of your own needs and instead focus on your partners needs and what you can give. Nowhere is this more true than in the bedroom and with intimacy. The guys that are known as the great lovers are the ones that put the woman first. Not only will it make her feel special, but it will help you last longer in bed because it’s not just about fulfilling your needs.

3. Don’t Be Boring
We can so easily fall into stale old boring habits. Challenging yourself and your relationship to grow and to step outside of it’s comfort zone can be tough, but it is the key to keep the spark alive. Boring is no way to make a relationship grow.

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