Ok, so you want to get build up muscles, you want to look like a Brad Pitt in the movie 'Troy' so you can get heaps of attention from the ladies on the beach or too impress your mates. You are ware of the basics of muscle building but you are after something extra to give you that edge to gain even more muscle. Well these tips are here to help you do exactly that!

1) Lift weight for no more than an hour. This is because when you are working out your body releases a hormone called cortisone that helps the body to recover and build up muscle. However after 45 minutes of training the body releases another hormone that pretty much does the opposite and is not good for muscle building. So, if you continue to lift weights for more than an hour you may make zero muscle gains. The bottom line is work out intensely for 45-60 minutes then get out of the gym.

2) Double the size of your meal portions. The biggest single mistake that people trying to gain muscle mass make is to not consume enough calories. To build up muscle you need to take on board extra calories that can be used to build the extra muscle mass from. If you do not have these extra calories you cannot build up muscle regardless how hard you train! A smart thing to do would be to purchase over sized plates and bowls. Ok, this sounds strange but I'm sure you will never fail to remember that you should be eating more calories in order to build up your muscles.

3) Intake a higher level of protein. Consume protein straight after training and before you retire to sleep. After your training session you may feel muscle soreness which is when you have ripped your muscle fibres so this is when protein is definitely required.Just prior to sleeping is crucial for muscle building as your body is just about to go eight hours with no food so you must get some protein at this time. You really should be taking on board at the least a gram of protein for every single kilogram of nbody weight that you have.

These are just three tips and of course there are far more but these deal with some of the most criucial factors you ought to be concernec with. Now go ahead put them into practice and build muscle up fast!

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