Forex trading is the activity of selling and buying foreign currency or foreign exchange with the aim of making a profit from the difference in selling price minus the purchase price. Among the myths that have developed in generally popular society, among others:

1. Difficult Forex Trading and Only Mastered by Economist-
People who are unfamiliar about the financial market will consider forex is a difficult thing to understand, complicated calculations and only those who understand economics can trade forex.
They are considered to have the ability and knowledge of the market so they can understand the causes of weakening or strengthening currencies
But the truth is that the myth is not true because anyone can trade forex, both parents or young people, scholars and high school graduates, entrepreneurs and employees to housewives. Everyone can become a professional trader as long as they want to always learn, be consistent in forex trading and have patience.

2. Need Capital Very Large-
addition complicated impression, there are other myths about forex trading, which required huge capital for forex trading. In fact, with affordable capital, you can trade forex at PT Monex Investindo Futures.
Indeed this myth is not entirely wrong because tens of years ago forex brokers required a minimum of $ 10,000 of capital to transact. Now, as technology advances, forex brokerage companies offer to trade in smaller sizes so that trading capital can be affordable by the wider community.

3. Forex Trading Just Like Gambling-
Many people still think forex is the same as gambling. Even though it's clear the difference between Gambling and Forex.
In gambling, decision making is based on luck or not, in other words, chance. This is different from forex where decision making is based on technical analysis and also fundamental.
In gambling, there are also no products or goods that are traded, like lottery gambling which only guesses numbers. While in forex trading there are products or goods that are traded, namely currencies.

4. Forex makes bankrupt

Like business, forex trading must be managed properly so that it can generate the desired profit.
Same with other investments, the funds used for trading are not funds that are used for daily needs or for your business needs. But the funds that you set aside specifically for trading. So, if your trading performance is not what you want, it will not interfere with your life. In addition, there is risk management as well as business in general, namely stop loss, money management, and risk-reward ratio, all of which can be learned with guidance from a trusted forex brokerage team.

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