When it comes to installing tiles at home, there are several who find it to be a luxury and a thing that only the rich can afford. Well, this is something completely baseless where there are ever more expensive flooring options than tiles while providing a similar effect as that of tiles. When we talk about subway tiles in Perth, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchens and bathrooms of houses where the tiles act as splashbacks for the walls while preventing slipping while the floor is we at the bathroom or the kitchen.

Tiles come in numerous sizes, and it often depends on the house owner to choose the one that would suit the preferences. There is an everlasting debate that makes people think differently about the installation of ceramic tiles and their installation at home. While there are people who feel that mosaic, marble or probably wooden floors are a better choice while dwelling over the myths, here are a few myths debunked for you.

Myth 1 – Ceramic tiles require a lot of effort to clean

Just because they have seen pictures of dirty grouts beside tiles, they think that it is difficult to clean them. What they do not know is that ceramic tiles are the easiest to clean where just a damp cloth and liquid detergent does the deal. Since the grouts are porous in nature, it is known to absorb the colour of dirt which can be cleaned using special grout cleaners that are known to shampoo out the dirt and give you cleaner looking tiles all over again.

Myth 2 – Tile installation is very expensive when compared to painting walls

There are times when people feel that performing painting sprees at home is easy in the pocket when compared to installing tiles. They do not know that tiles are known to last longer than wall paints and until the time the tiles are placed on the walls or the floors, you would have to conduct numerous painting sprees, as paint doesn’t last as long.

Myth 3 – Tiles are only limited to bathrooms and kitchens

Initially, that was an idea to protect the walls and the floors at the kitchen and bathrooms with the help of tile installation so that the walls and the floors do not get soiled due to contact with water. With time and modification in the trends, people opt for tiles for their living rooms as well as their bedrooms to come up with the aesthetics. With a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, tiles can be placed wherever feasible which contributing to the appeal in the best possible way.

Myth 4 – Tiles installed in small rooms makes it gloomy

This is another wrong notion that people have where they think that tiles are meant to be installed only in larger rooms. For those who install baths in Perth agree that tile installation in small rooms makes it look spacious and appealing to the eye when compared to other floor types that get installed.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with hiring professionals that install subway tiles in Perth while having relevant information on those that install baths in Perth.