For a company to flourish in today’s business environment, it needs to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace. Having one of them doesn’t works. You need both! Companies have shown that having one without the other can cause turmoil, just like the case of Google’s mass employee walkouts earlier in 2018. In this instance, there was diversity without inclusiveness.

There are a number of benefits that come from having a culture that promotes both diversity and inclusion:

1. Recruit More Top Talent: A company that both promotes and follows through on diversity and inclusion is more appealing to more job seekers from many different backgrounds. Research suggests policies around diversity, equality, and inclusion at work are significant factors in employment decisions for millennials overall. If you are courting a top candidate who has received offers from multiple companies, your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion could be the selling point that pushes your offer to the top of the candidate’s list.

2. Retain More Top Talent: Once you’ve spent time and money to hire and onboard top talent, you naturally want them to stick around for as long as possible. The company that follows diversity and inclusion can drive higher turnover rates. Most employees want to work in environments where all people, regardless of background, are treated with respect. Workers want a workplace where everyone’s ideas are welcome and everyone’s voice is heard.

3. Reap the Rewards of Innovation: One of the biggest benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workplace is innovation. Creating teams of employees from various backgrounds and a culture where new ideas are welcome fosters innovation. Everyone brings something to the table, great ideas can come from even the most unlikely sources. A culture that promotes diversity and inclusion is one that can harness new ideas, resulting in more innovation.

4. Promote Employee Engagement: Happy employees who can work creatively and have their voices heard are more likely to be engaged at work. Being inclusive allows a company to maximize the strengths of its employees, which in turn helps employees feel like they truly contribute to and doing meaningful work for the company.

Workplace diversity leads to better hiring and makes your company more interesting. It can take your company culture and business results to a new level!

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