There is no denial in the fact that we all use skin care products on a daily basis either for medical reasons or to simply that our skin stays in good condition. Right from shower gels to sunscreens, there is a lot of time that we invest in making a pick on the right one that would suit our skin as well as the budget. No matter what advertisements the cosmetic companies come up with of their products being organic, there is the presence of chemicals in them that are often the preservatives put to use to increase the shelf life of the products.


When it comes to making a pick on skin care products and hampers, there is always this need to look into the details of what they are made up of. You wouldn’t want to cause complications to your skin in the days to come while applying products that are harmful or probably isn’t compatible with your skin type. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right skin care products.

Look out for how genuine their claims are – You may come across terms such as ‘Organic’, ‘allergy-free’, ‘dermatologically tested’, ‘natural’, etc., most people bank on such terms and make a purchase. How sure are you when such terms come to surface? Do the stores help you out with such certificates from the regulatory authorities? If you receive the proof then you can opt for them or else the ingredients are proof enough to know whether these claims are right or not.

Look for the presence of petroleum-derived ingredients – Did you know that petroleum-derived products such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, propylene glycol and polysorbates are known to be cheap and are available in abundance? These are the products that are used in most skin care products that are known to increase the shelf life. The direct contact and that too on a daily basis can lead to allergies, skin contamination as well as cancer in some cases. Therefore, you can either avoid buying products with such ingredients or not use them daily.

Do not trust fragrances – There are times when you choose skin care products on the basis of the fragrance it emits. Here too, most fragrances are synthetically derived and come from petroleum by-products. Inhaling them or probably making use of cosmetics that are high in synthetic perfumes can be disastrous for the skin. Allergic reactions, nervous disorders and cancer are a few after-effects that surface.

Trust brands – Whenever you lookout for skin care products in Australia, trust renowned brands as they wouldn’t want to ruin their reputation but coming up with products that would make their consumers complain. When making a pick on branded products, you can rest assured that they use good quality raw material to justify the price tag that comes along. You can visit their website or probably get to know more about them from the Internet and accordingly make a pick on the ones that suit your needs.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with availing skin care products in Australia and has relevant information stores that deal with skin care hampers.