Ever wondered what it’s like to start again in your League of Legends journey, but don’t have enough knowledge to do so? Well, worry no more. Today, we’ll be giving 5 useful tips to help you make the best decisions if you ever have the interest to buy another LoL account.

1. Assess yourself

The very first thing that every player must do when it comes to buying a new League of Legends account is to make sure that they themselves are prepared for this transaction. Ask yourself: do you really need to do this purchase? Are you prepared to invest time and effort for this smurf account? Will it improve your gaming experience, your skill, and your rank? Will it be beneficial to you in the long-term?

When you interrogate yourself with these questions, you’ll be able to reflect and make a wiser decision in your purchase. There’s nothing worse than a player who is unsure of his choices and doesn’t have a clear strategy or game plan for this new account. So, make sure you know exactly what your reasons are for buying a new League of Legends account.

2. Check if their account packages suit your needs and wants

There are tons of LoL account sellers in the market, and they all offer unique deals and rewards which may or may not be what you want. Some will offer verified accounts, some will not. Others will sell unranked accounts, others will sell ranked accounts. Some will sell accounts belonging in your preferred server, others will not. Some will sell high-level accounts, while others will not. It’s really up to you to make sure that you’ll get the best deal that you’ll love. Check out this site for more information on lol account sellers.

3. Find as many options as you can

Some players will buy an account in a heartbeat as long as it suits their preference. Perhaps, the seller offered over 30,000 Blue Essence (BE) points and 5,000 Riot Points (RP) with over 10 unlocked champions and 2 permanent top-tier skins. Great deal, right? But what happens if you discover that a different seller is offering the same deals but for an even lower price? To avoid the heartbreak, you need to find as many options as you can. Lay them out in a diagram to compare and contrast different package deals so you’ll end up with an account that is best for you and your wallet!

4. Make sure the store accepts your preferred method of payment
You obviously can’t buy a new League of Legends smurf account without paying! But here’s the deal: not every League of Legends account store accepts the same method of payment. Others only have PayPal and fund transfer while other stores will accept credit or debit card payments only. So, make sure to check in order to avoid complications and waste of time.

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