Is this what you have to expect from your life, you start work at 20 and you willingly expect to work until you are 60 and now it’s time to collect from your 401K or IRA. We all know better than to expect that we might be able to count 100% on being able to receive Social Security Income. So if we do not succeed at our proposed savings then what? This should be a question that everyone ask themselves on a daily basis, why you might ask, because there aren’t any sure things anymore. The old adage of you following a proven path to success has eroded very quickly. I know more engineers, IT professionals, Doctors that have followed the supposedly sure thing and trust me it is not working anymore. The safe route as we were told about during our informative years while we were in high school is a bunch of bull. Education is important, but what’s more important in these trying times are entrepreneurial skills. These are skills not taught in our classrooms, why I’d rather not get into that right now, but I would like to explore more into why having entrepreneurial skills are more important than ever. Today we are in the information age, things are changing very rapidly, the information you learned a year ago might be outdated by the time you actually use it.
Be very afraid of being ordinary in today’s society, in the past you could survive quite well being ordinary, not taking a chance, playing it safe, but today if you do you will get left behind and probably out in the cold. The world is changing into two distinct tracts, those that have, the rich, and well to do families and the poor, the middle class is changing as we speak. The price of gas alone is can almost cripple the average middle class family, the rise in gas prices are well above the average middle class families rise or increase in income, think about this, before the rise of oil and gas we were having record losses in the stock market, the subprime credit crunch has devastated an entire industry. Look at the auto industry, Ford, Chrysler and GM has lost there most profitable models do to rising fuel cost. Now with the escalating prices of gas what do you think will happen? I recently had a conversation with a very successful individual that really crystallized the need to become financially independent, I commented about the price of gas and he looked at me and stated, as I have never heard anyone say, stop worrying about things you can’t control, instead of worrying about the rise in gas prices, worry about how you can make more money, the gas prices you can’t do anything about, but the amount of money you make truly is dictated and controlled by you.
Let me not digress to far from the point I am trying to make, we are too comfortable with the status quo of 40 hours for 40 years and now you hopefully can live off your 401k or IRA savings. Let me be frank if we have to depend totally on your ability to save that “magical 1 million dollars” all financial planners say you need to have to live comfortably in retirement it might not happen with the way the stock market has been going. Why wait and let someone else control your well being, dictate to you when and how you can retire. Let’s take some chances with our life, so what if you fail, it happens from the day we come out of our mothers womb, we fall then we get up, that is the same attitude I implore you to have. Stop worrying about the negatives, the what if’s of the world, they will be there whether you take a chance or not. They did a study of 100 men all retirement age and out of the 100 only 3-5% of them were financially sound at age 65, what is even worse is the over 80% of them could not even write a check $500.00 if there life depended on it. The reason I mention this is that the 80% has been following the system that we have been sold a bill of goods on. Today there are more millionaires than ever and it is growing rapidly. Most of the millionaires I have read about have been risk takers, albeit calculated risk. The Power to Be Free has been created to assist as many individuals as possible to take calculated risk with a tangible product like Real Estate. Real Estate has been a very big part of my life for the past 12 years and I know that if you are willing to devote some time and energy into developing new habits, in a short period of time the status quo of 40 hours for 40 years and now I can retire will be a thing of the past.

Darrick H Scruggs
The Power To Be Free

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Real Estate Trainer and Investor