Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized. Clutter is energy constipation! It will bog you down and stop the energy flowing in your life and so affect your prosperity, relationships and well-being. It will stop you having the quality of life you REALLY want.

Ask yourself: “Do I love it, do I use it, and does it make my heart sing?”

Get a “no”, out it goes!

Here are some places to look for clutter.

1. Books you will never read again, books on subjects you are no longer into.

2. Apply the 80% rule: 80% of the papers you keep are never looked at again, 80% of your clothes are rarely or never worn, 80% of what's on your computer is never looked at again!

3. Computer – old downloads, cluttered desktop, saved emails, disorganized files.

4. Basement – in Feng Shui the basement represents the foundation of your life. Any clutter/stuck energy here will be rising up through your home and affecting you.

5. Office – clutter here affects your prosperity, productivity, energy, creativity and work with clients.

6. Bedroom – your health will be adversely affected by clutter in this area more than anywhere else.

7. Old Taxes – keeping taxes longer than you have to holds you in the past.

8. Study Materials – keeps you attached to something you used to study, or outdated ideas of what you might do. Do you want to move on?

9. Attic – clutter here is subconsciously bearing down on you.

10. Credit cards - how many do you really need? How many do you want to have to keep track of?

11. Magazines – will you ever read them or read them again?

12. Letters/phone calls needing to be answered.

13. Photos – scan them to disk, make montages, scrapbook. Keep your most favorite ones.

14. Craft projects half finished.

15. Clothes you no longer fit into or clothes that don’t make you feel wonderful.

16. Storage sheds/garages – out of sight is not out of mind.

17. Outdated associations – do you have leftovers from a past relationship?

18. Clutter belonging to others.

19. BIG STUFF – pieces of furniture, old car in the yard.

20. Broken things – lack of care and respect you have for your home reflects a lack of care and respect for yourself.

21. Old exercise equipment.

22. Time clutter – too many things you think you ‘should’ do.

23. Vitamins more than 6 months old have will have lost their potency.

24. Gadgets you purchased to make your life easier.

25. Old journals full of angst!

26. Sentimental stuff – does it raise your energy?

27. Kitchen – do you have food past its ‘eat by’ date, or food you no longer enjoy?

28. Anything stopping doors from opening fully will be keeping energy from flowing into your home.

29. People who drain your energy.

30. An unbalanced check / cheque book.

31. Worn out underwear, socks with holes in.

32. Debts

33. Piles of books beside your bed.

34. Piles of magazines rather than the particular articles you wish to keep.

35. Body feeling sluggish? Maybe it's time for a cleanse - a body decluttering!

36. Handbags, wallets and briefcases reflect how you live your life. What state are yours in?

37. Business card collections.

38. All those sample bottles of shampoo you’ve brought back from hotels.

39. Anything you have to maneuver around to get to what you want.

40. Old makeup – mascara older than 6 months can cause eye infections, other makeup will go off.

One of the fastest ways to create change in your life is to clear your clutter and get out from underneath it.

Where will you focus your new found energy?

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Vicky White is the go-to-gal when it comes to Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. With her expertise and gentle nature, she helps women feel empowered and clear about what they're doing in their lives - even during difficult transition periods. Get her free report, "The 5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes: and How You Can Avoid them" and see what manifests in your life!