What makes for good topics of conversation? Well, this depends on why you want to have the conversation. But the basic rule is that conversations need to be a two-way process. Pick topics that everyone involved in the conversation is interested in. That way, everyone can feel comfortable and involved and the conversation should flow freely.

The depth of conversation depends on how well you know the other people you are talking to. A first meeting is probably not a good time to bare your soul and disclose your deepest desires. But this same list of topics is still a good one - you just get to find out more!

1. Family

Almost everyone has family that they do not mind talking about. If you do not know the person at all, you could ask whether they have lived in the area long. With divorce etc being a bit of an issue these days, 'are you married?' might not be your next big question, even if you spot a wedding ring - these things are expensive; they might not throw it away!

Instead, bear in mind that conversations should be two way and mention your partner or children. That ought to get them talking - most people love to talk about their children and grand-children.

2. Occupation

Ask what they do for a living. When they tell you what they do it is another great opener for you to ask questions. If it is an occupation you know something about you can chip in with comments. If it is one you are unfamiliar with - here is your perfect chance to learn! In return you should be able to say - in no more than a couple of sentences - what your job is.

3. Hobbies

Hobbies are a good topic to get on to because they are fun - that is why we do them! If they like a sport or hobby that you do too - you are in! You could probably talk for hours on that. Swap stories and you can really get an interesting conversation going. These are the types of conversations that are remembered and form the foundations of friendships because they let people know what they have in common with each other.

4. Vacations

Ask if they have been on vacation recently or if they are planning to go away anywhere. They will just love the chance to tell you their stories - good or bad. The heat is off you then. You do not need to think of anything to say for a while - you just need to listen.

Remember conversations are two- way processes and you need to listen too. That will help you to make all the right noises to show you understand - but you will also find it easier to ask subsidiary questions to get a little more detail. People will respond well to your showing an interest like this.

To sum up. Family, occupation, hobbies and vacations - that is not so difficult is it? Those are the golden topics that will get you through most everyday conversations and maybe even help you start some.

The key to any good conversation is to have something that all the people involved can talk about. The best topics for that are also the easiest - your everyday life. That is good news for you because it means you are well qualified to hold an interesting conversation.

All you are trying to do in conversation is find out a little more about people so you can get to know them. That is about giving a little information about yourself and finding the things you have in common. Looked at that way - conversations become a lot easier.

Good topics of conversation do not have to be clever or exciting - they just have to be something that everybody can say something about.

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