Are you looking for a no cost method of developing a steady
flow of traffic to your site?

Dumb question, isn't it?

Have you ever thought about how many ways you can use
informative articles to increase your traffic? A good
article can get you a lot of mileage.

Put together a collection of articles and you've got a
method to draw traffic to your site for months, even years.

Most marketers think of using articles as content on their
site and for submission to ezines.

That is truly only the tip of the iceberg. Although you'll
draw traffic if you stopped there, you're using less than
half the power of good content.

Submitting articles to ezines will bring a short rapid
boost in your traffic, but that's just a short term
solution. Stop submitting new articles and your traffic
slowly begins to decline.

So how to you take advantage of the long term pulling power
of your articles?

There are four simple steps you can take that will have
your articles driving new visitors to your site for months,
even years.

1. Submit your articles to the announcement lists. Not only
will many ezines pick up your article, but there are many
webmasters looking at these lists to bulk up their sites

2. Submit your articles to all the sites that specialize in
content for publishers and webmasters. I've had articles on
these sites that I'd forgotten I'd even written until a
webmaster or publisher notifies me they are using them.

3. Offer webmasters in your niche market the free use of
your articles to beef up their content.

4. Once you've got 10 - 15 articles compile an ebook of
your article archives. Give it a catchy title, allow it to
be freely transmittable and your articles will start
spreading all over the web.

Just by adding these four simple steps you've gone from a
one time spike in traffic, to a method of driving traffic
to your site for years to come.

Remember an article that's run two or three years ago is
still new to someone who's never read it. I've had
publishers contact me about articles that are two years old.

Take the time to develop a steady campaign of article
submission and you'll have your link on hundreds, even
thousands of sites.

What are you waiting for? Start developing your campaign
now! You'll be glad you did.

Wishing You Success,

John Colanzi

Author's Bio: 

John Colanzi is the editor and publisher of the Colanzi
Marketing Letter. All new subscribers get a no cost copy of "An Insider's Guide
To Article Writing."