There are four simple steps for lower back pain relief. However, fail to complete all four steps and you will only ever get temporary relief. Why?

Unless you remove both the symptoms and the cause of your pain, it will return.

In fact, the latest statistics point out that only 25% of those in pain now will be pain free in one year. The rest are worse or just the same. The reason is simple enough…

If all you do is remove symptoms only, whether it is through medication or other means, you will only get short term results.

The solution is to make sure you use all four steps. So what are these miraculous four steps?

The first step is no miracle or secret. You must first find the cause of your pain. This is not how you lift or bend, it is the various distortion patterns that twist and distort your spine.

These distortion patterns allow joints and muscles to function poorly. As a result the muscles tire and then tighten which creates pain.

Which is why the second step is essential, which is removing pain. Symptom relief is the second step, yet you will see many people say “don’t fix symptoms, fix the cause”.

However, I’ve seldom found anyone that wants to remain in pain for longer than they should. Symptom relief will ease your pain and is a vital step. If pain has eased, dealing with the underlying causes out of pain is a more enjoyable prospect.

Symptom relief can occur within minutes if you use certain techniques. You can literally turn off the pain signals and feel so much better. But you must NEVER stop there. This is where most people stop and the reason why the back pain statistics are so poor.

Lower back pain relief is a four step process, not a two step wish and prayer.

The third step is balancing muscles. This means relaxing those muscles that are tight and stimulating those that are weak. Weak and tired muscles will tighten, which is why muscle balancing is important.

To strengthen a muscle you still need to exercise it (although there are certain types of stretches that both relax and strengthen the muscle at the same time), as well as stimulate the nerve and blood supply to the muscle.

Unless you improve the function of the muscle (which relates to its nerve and blood supply) then you will find the muscle continually tires and tightens.

The final step is balancing joints. This is part of the muscle balancing also as all muscles attach into joints. The pelvis is the key to joint balancing as the pelvis is the foundation of your spine.

Lower back pain relief will not occur unless your pelvis is in balance. This is the one area that if left untreated will recreate the muscle imbalances.

These four simple steps if used together will give you long lasting relief. Too many people suffer with low back pain needlessly.

But unless you address all the causes, pain will remain.

Lower back pain relief is a simple and quick process – find the cause, ease your pain, balance your muscles and joints. Then you will have long lasting relief for back pain.

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