Business WordPress Theme may be one of the dominating factors to decide the success rate of your business. And therefore, if you are running a business website on WordPress, you must choose the Business Theme smartly.
You must ensure that your Theme must follow some basic online business rules.

And if it fails, you may have a severe loss in your business. Whether you choose the simple Business WordPress Theme or the Multipurpose WordPress Theme, these rules are a must for both the cases.

Therefore, here I am to let you know about the five basic rules that every business Themes must follow. And If a business Theme does not follow any of these rules, it's better to avoid that one.

Let's have a look.


It is shocking but true that not all business Themes may be highly responsive. When we talk about the responsiveness of a Theme, most of us consider it as screen size compatibility only.

But Responsiveness is not limited to this. And we can't deny the importance of browser compatibility. All screen size compatible Themes may not necessarily support all the browsers. Similarly, the Theme working fine with all the web browsers, may not fit best to all screen sizes.

There are many cases available where the website worked fine on mobile and PC both, but did not work best on one or more browsers. But if any of these two issues happen with your website, you may face a severe loss.
Therefore whenever you choose the WordPress Theme, consider the browser compatibility as well along with the screen compatibility. If you can't check your website on all browsers, prefer checking it on some popular browsers. Similarly, you must analyze your website on some highly used screen sizes.

Themes that represent width and height in percentage are more responsive than those determining the dimensions with exact values. For example, if for a Theme, the minimum width is 500 Px, then your website may crack on screen sizes lower than this.

But, such an issue does not happen if dimensions of the Themes are in percentage.
Check style.css to know the Theme dimension.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Online businesses must have qualities such as billing, online payment options, and better representation of products. In the case of WordPress, it is quite easy to get all those qualities with the help of the WooCommerce Plugin. Without this plugin, it is quite cumbersome to get these get features.

But, all WordPress Themes may not necessarily support this plugin. And therefore, you must ensure the WooCommerce compatibility when choosing the business theme.

WooCommerce compatible Themes are quite easy to set-up, and may not take that much time. You need to follow a few simple steps, and your business website gets ready.

1- First of all, install and activate the business theme compatible with WooCommerce.

2- After that, install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

3- Now. WordPress may automatically take you to the setup page. Fill all the information, and follow further instructions available in the Theme documentation page.

High-Quality Slider And Carousel Option

In online businesses, images put a sizzling effect. Even the things that you can't explain in words, you may easily define through images. And therefore, a business website must have a Slider in the header section, and the carousel in the post section. We use the header slider to provide the basic ideas of products, services, and offers.

And we use the carousel to represent things like Recently Viewed Items, Trending Items, and so on.
You should also consider the size of the slider. In some business Themes, the size of sliders is either too large or too short. And in both these cases, your website may look ugly and unprofessional. However, sliders occupying the full screen may put positive impacts as well sometimes.

But it may not happen every time. Sliders conquering the maximum of 70% of the screen height, and a minimum of 40% of the screen height, are generally considered best. The width of the slider must be 100%.

Theme Design And Layout Must Be As Per Business Niche

Which Business Theme may be more beneficial for you, depends on your business niche. For example, if your website is selling web-based services, but you are using the Restaurant business Theme, Then your website may look uncomfortable to use and unprofessional as well.

The Business Theme must be as per the business niche. Such business Themes may have the perfect stylish layout and design. And users find it quite comfortable to access all the functionalities you have allowed them.

Testimonial Section Or Review Section

Once your business gets started, the growth factor of your business mainly depends on customer satisfaction. And therefore, most of the online business sites represent customer trust through Testimonial.

We also call it Customer Reviews. These testimonials are the experience of various users with your products or services. You must be aware that most of the new customers prefer visiting the Testimonial section before they make any purchase. Positive Testimonials have a higher capability to turn probable customers into permanent ones. Therefore, your online business must have this section available.

One of the best things with WordPress CMS is that here you may hide the negative reviews. But, you should do it only if your business is getting too many negative reviews.

And, in addition to this, you must put your best efforts to minimize the negative reviews. After all, hiding negative reviews is a temporary solution to maintain the reputation of your business. But, it is not a permanent solution. And, that can only be possible with your efforts.


Other than these five, there are many rules that a quality business Theme should follow. But, these five rules are very crucial for every online business.

It does not matter whether you are using the specially designed Business WordPress Theme, or the multipurpose WordPress Theme. But, they must follow these basic rules. Any negligence here means a severe business loss.

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