There is no doubt in a fact that texting has been the preferred mode of communication for many. Thus, there are so many good SMS solutions in the market. The next gen and the most advanced SMS solution, specifically designed and developed for businesses is the Landline Texting. This solution is available at an affordable monthly fee and let you use texting over your landline and / or toll free number.

There are so many businesses that have started adopting the landline texting for business. It is easy to use, convenient and affordable. The organization can choose features based on their communication needs and can get the texting to landline solution in their budget. If you are one of those few business owners who haven’t used it yet and wondering why shall you use it then, let me share 5 major reasons to use the landline texting for business.

1. Strengthen Communication

The landline texting for business adds convenience of texting. The same main business number can be used for both, SMS and voice calls. Furthermore, the landline texting for business comes with many advanced features to provide powerful and robust communication solution to your business.

2. Save time

SMS itself is the shortest and quickest form of communication. Moreover, the landline texting for business comes with many features that will help you save a lot of time. How? Well, with texting to landline solution you can use features like Auto Reply, Message Templates, Bulk texting, Auto Appointment, etc. to automate communication. This will assure the text to landline solution itself provides required information to the client, which will save a lot of time and human efforts.

3. Provide work-life balance

The landline texting for business use your landline or toll free number instead of mobile numbers for texting. This will assure that your staff doesn’t need to share their personal mobile numbers for communication. This will let them maintain work life balance.

4. Improve productivity

The better work life balance and relaxation from common communications such as, answering frequently asked questions or passing the same message to multiple people will give your staff required energy and time to perform at their full potential.

5. Delight customers

The landline texting for business will give prompt response to your clients even during off hours. This will make them feel valued. Once you start using landline texting for business, your clients don’t need to stay on a long call queue or deal with a long conversation. They can just drop an SMS on the go. All these will increase customer satisfaction.

6. Increase Revenues

This is the bonus reason and benefit of using landline texting for business. All the above mentioned factors will work collectively to increase customer satisfaction, overall staff productivity and your business. This will result in increased revenues.

The Landline texting for business is as important as your telecommunication system. Use landline texting for business to delight your customers and staff to increase business, NOW!

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Ted is working on a promotional campaign of landline texting for business. The author has written many articles on text to landline solution, its benefits, features, utilities, etc.