At eWomenNetwork, we are all about taking time for self-care because your business only functions as well as you do. You can’t function correctly if you are stressed out. Researchers have suggested that entrepreneurs have more mood swings and a loss of motivation due to a certain character trait. Entrepreneurs are so busy wearing many different hats that they often forget to take a much-needed step back, so it is very important to practice self-care. Even the most successful entrepreneurs know you have to carve out time for yourself.

Here are our team’s self-care activities for busy entrepreneurs:
- Make Time to Do Other Things That You Love - Everyone needs a break from work to blow off steam and do something that they enjoy. It’s called me-time for a reason so do with it what you want and when you want to. If you want to read every night before bed, then do it. If you want to exercise every morning before work, then do it. Even getting your nails done monthly, go do it. Make time for all the things you love doing and actually do it. Find ways every night to unwind from work, that will help you not feel burnt out. No more excuses.
- Treat Yourself - This phrase can mean many different things to people. For some, this means buying yourself something, big or small. For others, it means taking time for yourself to read, write, paint, take a bath, or catch up on your favorite shows. Either way, allow yourself to be rewarded for all your hard work. Give yourself the recognition you deserve because you do work incredibly hard. Doing something fun that you enjoy helps give your mind a break so you can be more creative and energized when you have to get back to work.
- Check In With Your Mental Health - Checking in with yourself is so important to not only your well-being but also the relationships around you. Engaging in self-care activities, such as exercising or journaling, that promote good mental health is a great place to start getting in tune with yourself. It’s about taking time to be self-aware - to gather your thoughts and reflect on the day. You will feel refreshed and better equipped to handle daily stressors once you start checking in with yourself daily.

Your mental and physical health must take priority in your life in order for your business to have long-term success. By knowing when to unplug from work, you give yourself time to decompress, reconnect with loved ones, and check in with your own well-being. Take time practicing these strategies, you can even add in your own flair to it to get the most out of your self-care. They don’t need to take a long time for you to get something out of these activities. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider these de-stressors that can take you from stress to success. So, shut your laptop, draw yourself a bath, go for a walk, call your best friend. Whatever it is you do to unwind, go do it because your work can wait. You not only need self-care but you deserve it.

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