It is said that 90% of bettors will lose money in the end. This is mainly because of the house edge set by different casinos. Making money from betting on sports can mean knowing when to stop and walk away.  If you have made some profit, then do something with that money to enjoy your winnings. There is no guarantee in sports betting, therefore, avoid being a big win chaser or worse chasing your losses.

So, is it possible that there are bettors out there who make a living from playing online casino games?

  • Find your niche

If there is a particular sport that you enjoy watching, then you should invest as much time and money into it. To do this successfully, one requires to specialize in a market preferable a small niche, where you have lots of information about it. By doing this, a player becomes an expert in that field, thus increasing his or her chances of winning.

From the niche, one can identify the trends in teams, which can be profitable when selecting the best odds during a live streaming.

  • Understand the odds and bets

To make money by playing casino games, one needs a basic grasp of how odds and bets work. If a market is popular, the casinos tend to narrow the odds, and this decreases the bet you have placed.

Mostly casinos odds are a reflection of what they expect the public to play rather than the real probabilities of either betting outcome.  This leaves smart gamblers to find great value opportunities to increase their chances of winning big.

  • Look for value

If you want to make money from betting, always use your intuition and knowledge to find the bets with the best odds. Looking for value helps a player increase their rate of return if they are right. Most smart players tend to look for odds of 2 or better, and this is because, with that, you will only need to win 51% of the time to earn a profit.

  • Use a staking system

There are lots of staking methods out there and selecting the right method that could help you earn more is always the problem. Most of these staking systems are used by players to maximize their profits.

Gamblers use mathematical equations like classic Kelly criterion to determine the optimal size in a long series of the bet. This system is used practically for single outcome bets, and it isn’t suitable for accumulator bets.

  • Track your bets

This seems obvious, but most players don’t keep a record of their bets. Tracking your bets helps manage your bankroll, which if not well managed, can lead to bankruptcy. It is essential for players to track their bets so that they can optimize their performance when betting on sports.

In summary, more people are making betting their source of income. Using betting strategies is a great way to increase your earnings through sports betting. The tips don’t guarantee your success, but they can help you increase your chances of winning.

Author's Bio: 

Ashis Kumar is a professional blogger.