Bold and Bright Typography
We’re seeing many companies using bold, big and bright typography to present their primary website message. This technique seems most effective when you use it sparingly to get your most important feature highly visible for each page and keep the rest of the page simple and more subtle.
Use of Cinemagraphs
Cinemagraph is a technique where you continuously play a high quality video or a GIF, using it without sound. Repetitive sound can be annoying to some people but a animated video adds movement to your webpage making the page more interesting than just a static web page. Simple cinemagraphs of workers doing their jobs or perhaps how your product is manufactured can add movement and help to sell a feature.
Kaleidoscopic Gradients
These are the colorful gradients that make two-tone effect appear more fresh and attractive. Companies are using them for their full-screen home page.
Simple Text
We see a lot of successful websites choose to put more emphasis on text rather than heavier images and complicated videos. They use basic video loops to illustrate something about their product or the company but not so distracting as to take away from plain and simple text. Try to remember to give enough information that the visitor learns something BUT always use a basic template of text to drive home the Feature – Benefit – Call To Action
Text Alignment
Using vertically or diagonally aligned text on the webpage can add a new dimension to your website. The website designer can also choose to combine the alignments to give the webpage a more engaging look.

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