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As a small business owner, you need a reliable, easy to use and accounting software system. Here are 50 reasons Quickbooks Online is the best accounting software for small business. Its idea is that there should be a better, simpler and easy way to do accounting for your small business. If these 51 points don't answer your questions, check out my FAQ Quickbooks Online: 58 Questions Answered.

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QuickBooks Online - Anytime, Anywhere. Easily Track Sales, Bills and Expenses.Try it FREE for 30 Days!

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Free Trial with No Credit Card - QuickBooks Online offers a free 30-day trial of any plan with no credit card information required. Plenty of time to study the software and try out all its features to decide if it is the best accounting software for your small business.
Three Decades of Software Experience – Intuit, the creator of Quickbooks Online, is one of the biggest names in accounting, both personal and business. Founded in 1983, they have developed multiple versions of this popular software over 30 years.
Recently Updated Extensively – In 2013, Quickbooks Online had a major overhaul improving user experience. These changes were made with the input of thousands of small business users.
Continual Updates – Since Quickbooks Online is an internet based software it is frequently updated. No expensive upgrade purchases are needed.
Newly Added Integrations - Integration is a high point of QBO (Quickbooks Online) which means it will connect with other software you are using in your business. Newest additions include inventory bundles, packing slips and auto banking rules.
Mobility across all Devices, Phones, and Tablets, - Today's business owner is living life on the go, and his accounting software needs to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. All his devices need to be ready to connect and allow him to review his business financials, create invoices and enter expense receipts.
Free Mobile Apps - Included, at no extra charge, with your Quickbooks Online purchases are mobile apps for ipad, iphone, and Android. Download here
Real Double Entry Accounting – This CPA recommended business practice runs this system.
Accountant Recommended - Accountants have always approved of Quickbooks and now are raving about Quickbooks Online. The mobility of the system allows clients to upload receipts and other documentation instantly, making Accountants reports more accurate and timely.
Reports Built-In - Good selection of reports for managing accounts receivable, payable and reconciliation. I love the one-click reports for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets. Company Snapshot is a good overview report to all your business assets and liabilities at a glance.
Powerful Chart of Accounts – Following traditional accounting best practices the software comes with a default set of accounts pre-installed. QBO will let you customize the list as you need to fit your business.
Invoices Customizable – Options are included such as adding your logo, design, and data (such as if you want to include a statement) to your sales invoices. For even more flexibility, there are five templates to choose start with, and then you can add additional options as you desire.
Recurring Invoices – Many firms have invoices that need to be sent out at regular intervals. The recurring invoice feature will automate this tedious task and even will email them directly to your client's inbox.
Paperless Billing - The combination of invoice emails with secure links to online payment processing is green and eco-friendly.

Inventory Capabilities - Keeping track of your incoming and outgoing goods are possible with Quickbooks Online. Inventory adjustments and reconciliation complete the total inventory management system.
Payroll Support - Lets you do payroll from anywhere you have internet access. Get your employees paid, print out paychecks, calculate taxes and print reports. Add-ons for more advanced payroll functions are available from Intuit.
Hundreds of Integrations - There are tons of integrations offered with Quickbooks Online, plus with the software Zapier, 500 more integrations are made possible. Popular integrations are Stripe, for mobile payments,, online major credit card payment processing, Full Slate, scheduling software and customer relationship, Magento, e-commerce store, Sumac, non-profit donation management and Temponia for time tracking and calendar scheduling.
Home Dashboard – Good design layout that includes access to all modules such as Customers, Vendors, Employees, Transactions, Reports and Taxes. The search function allows you to search for any feature from this home dashboard quickly. I love the Quick Create button. With just one click and I can make an invoice or enter an expense.
High-Quality Software - Winner of many awards including those from Small Business Computing magazine,, and Small Business Trends.
Customer Service - Intuit has been working hard to improve its customer service and now offers many ways to get help. Phone support at 1 (877)556-4324, Community Forum, Help button on program home dashboard, video tutorials, Quickbooks Online classes, Quickbooks Blog and Social Media - Facebook page.
Video Tutorials – Explanatory videos, easy-to-understand, are prepared for most used features.
Community Forum – Searchable help center by contributors, many who are expert users. Post questions and get answers.
Easy to Learn - It is especially easy to teach yourself how to use this system. If you prefer formal classes, Intuit and Lynda offer in-depth classes to learn all the basic and advanced functions.
Ease of Use – Exceptionally user-friendly with the intuitive dashboard and everyday language.
Local Authorized Consultants - Intuit has trained Certified ProAdvisors nationwide to help small businesses with their accounting and tax preparation.
Time Tracking - You and your employees can track your time online quickly. Just fill out forms, and Quickbooks Online does the rest to calculate and prepare the customer invoice.
Project Management - You have your choice of 5 apps that will keep your project running smoothly, available in the Quickbooks Apps Store. Apps customized for different business types such as project-based, retail stores, schedule-based, manufacturing, non-profit and membership.
Estimates – Once enabled, this feature will allow you to create an estimate to print for your customer. When you get the final order, this self-same estimate can be used to create the invoice in one click.
Progress Invoicing - This is a great feature related to the estimate to invoice process. Ideal for companies, like building contractors, that charge clients a down payment, then process invoices as the job proceeds. Accomplished by using percentages of the estimate for each invoice, as an example 50% the initial payment, then 25% for another milestone and so on.
Accounting Reviews Remotely –Being cloud based your accountant can update your financials from their office - not yours. They can reconcile accounts and generate reports off premises at any time.
Low Costs - Multiple price point packages are available:
Solopreneurs, self-employed $5.00 monthly
Simple Start at $15.00 monthly
Essentials at $30.00 monthly - This the plan I use and recommend. These are my favorite features, send and track customer invoices, track income and expenses, create and manage estimates, sync bank, and credit card accounts, administer and pay bills and generate instant, one-click sales, and profit reports.

Plus Plan - $40.00 monthly - Great plan that includes inventory tracking and printing 1099s
Multiple Price Points – Since there are four packages, increasing in cost and features, you will be sure to find one that fits your budget.
No Hardware or Software Requirements – Since QBO is cloud based, as long as you can access the internet you can use Quickbooks Online successfully. I love not having to install software nor upgrading my computer hardware system.
Even Faster Desktop Versions – In addition to online access, Quickbooks Online has associated free apps for desktop computers, both Windows PC, and Macs, which will run the software even faster than the internet version.
Print Checks – Forget about the reams of wasted checks from other systems, Quickbooks quickly prints checks every time. Also, they offer specially designed checks for the accounting system that you can order directly from the Quickbooks Online dashboard.
Accounting Methods – Both approaches, cash basis and accrual accounting methods are available so that you can choose your preference.
Setup is Easy – Compared to many other accounting systems, this setup is incredibly easy. Just log in, fill out the form with your business information. Now you will pick the features you want to use such as invoicing, POS point of sale retail, expense tracking, accounting, sales tax and payroll.
Automatic Bank Feeds – Once you authorize the integration, Quickbooks Online will automatically update your bank and credit card registers with daily transactions. Also, you can manually update at any time. No more hand data entry of credit card nor bank statements saving lots of time and preventing errors.
Reconcile Accounts – The QBO simple process will have you reconciling your checking account in under 5 minutes! Last month mine took only 3 minutes, due to the transaction matching and detection of duplicates features. Love how this software makes the formally dreaded task such a breeze now.
Contact Management System – The built-in CMS is excellent. In addition to the general customer information, you can customize fields such as display name (i.e., nickname), billing and shipping addresses, payment terms, tax codes and even attachments (contracts, price lists, etc.). It will even send mass emails to all your contacts for company-wide notifications such as changes in shipping schedules.
Accounts Payable – Included in the Essentials and Plus plans to enter and pay invoices. You can also set up recurring bills, automatic bill pay (connected to your bank account) and deferred scheduled payments.
Budgets – Better than the desktop version, which only has a 1-year ability, Quickbooks Online has multiple budget capability. Use your prior year financial records as the basis for your new year budget. Particularly useful are the choices of customers, class and locations fields.
Security - Your sensitive business records are safe on Intuit entreprise-grade servers with state of the art security protection. 128-bit SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication ensure your maximum security. Far better in the cloud with protection than in your desktop computer that could crash or get stolen.
Data Backup - Loss of information costs US businesses millions every year - don't be one of them. Use the built-in backup system, or for a small fee get the Intuit product Data Protect. Simple, secure online backup for Quickbooks users.
Positive User Reviews - The users from the respected site, GetApp rated Quickbooks online 4 out of 5 stars, considered excellent. The Better Business Bureau BBB has rated the company an A+.
Saves Time - Businesses love the automatic features such as memorized transactions and recurring invoices and create it with saving valuable time and labor.
Listens to Users - Intuit had done a good job of listening to its software's users and adding new features to answer their needs. A testament to this commitment is the hundreds of integrations available for almost every business situation or need.
Data Analytics - Maestro, the powerful data analytics tool, integrates with Quickbooks Online. Enhance profitability by using data analytic processes made possible with this software.
Beautiful User Interface - The colorful, bright graphic design make using this software a pleasure and as fun as accounting can get.
Multiple Users at no Extra Charge - Packages, from Essentials to Plus Plan, allow multiple users and to use the software at the same time.
Email Templates - Included are well-written email templates that you can personalize.

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