It's that time of year again when everyone decides they need to go on a diet, they are going to eat healthy and exercise. Have you ever wondered why so many people fail with their diets?

Basically, many people decide to begin too fast and lose motivation or simply have made their own diet and exercise regimen too difficult to keep up with. Here are 5 easy tips for losing weight that will help you stay on track with your weight loss.

1. Get yourself a small notebook and keep it with you at all times. In this notebook on the first page you should write what your goal weight is (be realistic). For the rest of the pages you should write down the date on the top and the time you wake up. Keep a record of everything you eat and drink and the times you are eating and drinking. This should also include the amounts of food and beverages.

2. Increase your physical activity. Most people that fail at weight loss begin a workout routine that leaves them sore and frustrated. Instead, begin an activity that you enjoy. This can be swimming, walking, biking or even running around in the back yard with the dog or kids. It doesn't really matter what you are doing as long as it is more than you were doing.

3. Avoid eating foods like white rice, flour and sugar. The foods are considered the white foods to avoid. If you are going to consume carbs on your diet it is best that you only consume complex carbs.

4. Brush your teeth a little more often. This will keep you from eating when you have clean teeth. Your mind actually links the toothpaste flavor with the end of a meal, so you will not feel you need to eat.

5. Consume more foods that are loaded with water. These will make you feel fuller longer and have less calories in them. They can also help you in staying properly hydrated.

Working these easy tips for losing weight into your existing diet and exercise regimen will give you more weight loss in less time. These are simple to do and will not require too much extra thought or work on your part. Remember to be consistent and you will soon see the weight melting off of your body.

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