Fuller brushes and encyclopedias are some of the "iconic" items
that we all think of when the topic turns to door-to-door sales (i.e. face-to-face). And when we think of face-to-face salesmanship be it door-to-door, on a showroom floor or in an office.

Whether the product is a vacuum cleaner, pharmaceuticals or a "widget", these are the iconic aspects of "the pitch":

* Capture interest - To get your “foot in the door”, you need to get it out of your mouth immediately and offer the most interesting, compelling, irresistible "hook" you can imagine. Here’s a hint, focus on the benefits of your service. People buy based on emotion and justify later with logic.

* Build on that interest - Once you've got someone "hooked", you have to make sure that they don't jump off and swim away. You've got to build on your foundation non-stop, or your prospect will tune out

* Present Features and Benefits - During the "show and tell" of an in-person pitch, you explain exactly how your product or service will benefit the consumer and make life better.

* Make Time A Factor - Be ready with a bonus, guarantee, or incentive that will reward the consumer for making a decision to "Buy Now". You can use a “take away” approach by letting them know that you have only a limited number of products or that your schedule can change at anytime. You should encourage the prospect to buy or book as soon as they are sure this is the right product or service for them, so that you can make sure they don't miss out on the opportunity.

* Seal the Deal - If you've sold well, the consumer may prompt you with an "Okay, I'm ready to purchase/commit." But always remember to ask for a direct response -- a sale.

Direct response success is easy to track. A response means you've succeeded; a non-response means you've failed. That sounds harsh but don’t give up, it gets easier with practice. The more you work on your pitch the more ingrained it becomes. Eventually you will get to the point when you can anticipate the objections and read the prospects personality in order to adjust how you roll out your offer. We will discuss this in depth at another time.

Until next time, to your success!

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