Upper back pain headaches are one of the most common types of headaches. The pain can be debilitating and even affect your concentration, enthusiasm and moods. Just ask those nearest to you what you become like when you have an upper back pain headache.

Upper back pain headaches are due to 5 main factors. Understand these and you also understand how you can eliminate your headaches quickly.

Secret 1 – one of the common causes of headaches in general is dehydration. Whether you suffer from upper back pain headaches or headaches in general, water is essential. You do not need to drown yourself in water, but 3-4 glasses of water a day can eliminate your headaches quickly.

Secret 2 – stress is a common cause of upper back pain headaches. Why? Stress, as the saying goes, “rides on your shoulders”. Stress affects the muscles in your upper back and neck areas. It is these muscles that refer to the head creating upper back pain headaches. You may think that eliminating stress may be impossible. In reality it isn’t, it is the simple and easy things you do to eliminate stress that matters. One of the best web sites on stress relief is www.fast-stress-relief.com. Check it out as I do recommend it.

Secret 3 – stretch your upper back and neck. As it is the muscles around the upper back and neck that refer to the head, stretching them is a wise decision. If the muscles in this area remain relaxed, upper back pain headaches will not occur. As with any area of the spine, the entire spine should be assessed and corrected accordingly.

Secret 4 – posture affects your upper back. Prolonged sitting is the most common culprit. If you sit for extended periods of time, the upper back joints and muscles tighten, this leads to the upper back pain headaches. Changing your posture regularly is the best solution to postural stresses. Look at your chair position and height; alter your work space to ease any tensions that are created. Exercise and improving your posture will also help to remove and prevent your upper back pain headaches.

Secret 5 – this leads on from secret 4, you need to rest more. Rest means physically lying down more often. This is the only way to truly rest your spine and muscles. Live by a simple motto of “if you don’t have to sit or stand – don’t”. This way you will lie down more often and stop the effects of gravity, poor posture, it allows you to de-stress and take tension off the muscles that create your upper back pain headaches.

5 simple secrets that if you follow can not only remove, but prevent your upper back pain headaches. Back pain affects over 80-% of adults at some stage. There are numerous ways you can help your self and stop back pain and upper back pan headaches. All you need to do now is apply these and learn many simple ways to be back pain free.

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