Strictly speaking, arthritis is not a single disease. In reality it is composed of several other conditions in your joints and cartilages that can bring about inflammation and pain in those parts. The bad news about arthritis is that it does not have any known cure. What you can do about arthritis is to merely soothe away the pain and swelling that it brings.

At least fifty percent of all Americans are having bouts with arthritis. And a big chunk of them do not know a lot about this condition. But instead of allowing yourself to continuously suffer arthritic pains, you can actually reduce the chances of inflammation in your arthritic joints and cartilages by simply debunking the most popular myths about arthritis. Doing so, you will be able to aim at living a normal life and attaining better results in your fight against the symptoms of arthritis.

Here are the following factors about arthritis that you should dismiss as myths; otherwise, you may prevent yourself from enjoying life. Or worse, believing these myths can make your suffering from arthritis more unbearable.


Many people believe that cold climate can cause arthritis. Well, the truth is, weather has nothing to do with arthritis. People in tropical countries or even the Middle East also experience arthritis even if they live in hot climate conditions. While some studies suggest that the coldness can aggravate the pain of arthritis, weather conditions can not cause arthritis.


The importance of diet in your overall health condition can not be overemphasized. Nutrition plays a key role in preventing all types of diseases. While certain joint problems, like gout, are proven to have a strong connection to the food that you eat, arthritis on the other hand can not be prevented or brought about by merely shifting into a good diet plan.

Studies have shown that good diet does not stop arthritis from ever happening to anyone. Heredity and the degeneration of your joints and cartilages are the main factors that will determine if you will have arthritis now or later. The food that you eat may aggravate the arthritic symptoms; but it has yet to be studied if certain food choices do cause arthritis.


If your knowledge of arthritis is based solely on the notion that it only affects older people, then you are being misled by your sources. The truth of the matter is that arthritis can affect anyone including children, adolescents, and adults within the middle-age bracket.

Since arthritis is closely linked to the overall degeneration of the joints and cartilages, it is not surprising that most arthritis sufferers are older people; however, this disease does not target any particular age group, or gender for that matter. This means that no matter how old you are, you must take measures to prepare your body to delay the onset and fight the symptoms of arthritis.

Ultimate Cure

If you are suffering from arthritis and you have high hopes that this condition can be cured once and for all, then you may be hitching your wagon to a falling star. Once you have arthritis, there can be no going back because there is no cure for arthritis. The best that you can do is to slow down the advancement of the disease and deal directly with the pain.

Serious Physical Limitations

Many people think that arthritis can seriously limit one's physical activities. In fact, some people are afraid that because of this condition they will become highly dependent on their family members for support. Well, arthritis doesn't work like stroke. True enough, during an arthritic attack your joints ache a lot, but it doesn't mean that you have become an invalid. Arthritic people can still be active with their lives.

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