Did you know that retreat spas are the preferred vacation choice for many contemporary women? However, many do not have the immediate time nor the resources to indulge in a five-day, getaway in the mountains; therefore, w hat better way to unwind and enjoy being pampered, than to create a relaxing spa environment in your own home? You can create a wonderful spa basket for yourself or to give to a special woman in your life. The key thing to remember is the relaxing gift basket is to make her feel at ease, beautiful, and well-rested.

Why Create a Spa Basket?

The opportunity to relax completely is rare in our contemporary, faced-paced, and often stressful environments. With todays busy lifestyle, women are in need of temporary escapes to relax and unwind from their overloaded schedules. Whether involved with a large corporation, a small business, working at home, volunteering for various charities, or directing the local PTA, todays woman is in search of balance. A delightful balance that uplifts her spirit, enhances her mind, and pampers her body. She deserves to enjoy the fruits of her labor by carving out some private time where she can simply unwind and enjoy precious moments in time. Here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect relaxing gift basket for yourself, your spouse, girlfriend, mother, sister, co-worker, or any other important woman in your life:

Helpful Hints:

1. Visual Appeal. Women appreciate things which are beautiful, pretty, romantic, and clean looking. The eyes are the window to the soul. Make sure that her gift basket appeals to her aesthetically. To ensure this, start with a nice container, whether white or natural wicker, a chrome basket, floral planter, or silver wire basket, and arrange pampering spa products inside in a strategically balanced manner that makes it pleasing to eyes.

2. Delightful Aromas. Aromatherapy is the art of appealing to ones sense of smelling. Pleasant scents will invigorate her spirit as she relaxes her body under a warm shower or cozies up in a fragrant bath of lavender, raspberry, jasmine, or white gardenia. Be sure that your gift basket for her includes scented bath and shower gels, moisturizing lotions, and other spa products that will infuse pleasant aromas. Whether you choose a light floral rose fragrance, or a berry scented undertone, the pleasing aroma will disperse into the air and set a delightful tranquil atmosphere, which she will thoroughly enjoy while relaxing.

3. Luxurious Products. Adding the right mixture of pampering body and facial products to her bath/spa gift basket can turn an ordinary bathroom into a tropical island paradise. Be sure to add foaming bubble baths, lathering shower gels, body soaps, body scrubs, moisturizing lotions, and fragrant bath oils beads. To spoil her from head to toe, you can include a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and for her pedicure needs, you can add a wooden pedicure brush, soothing Peppermint foot lotion, and cooling foot wash.

4. Delightful Indulgences. To help her indulge in the ultimate spa experience, you can add a wooden bath brush, terry cloth bath pillow, terry cloth head-band, and terry cloth slippers. She will be delighted if you go the extra mile and add a plush terry cloth robe. For an added surprise, be sure to include a gel hot or cold eye mask, a bath sponge, and a bath loofah. The loofah is an excellent skin massager and exfoliator. Originating from some of the most luxurious spas in Europe , the loofah stimulates healthy circulation to the skins surface and removes dirt and dead cells with its tiny fibers. As it smoothes and softens the rough skin of elbows and knees, it also helps to prevent clogging of the pores.

5. The Final Touches. To put the finishing touches on creating the spa atmosphere, you can help her to set the tone by including candles in the relaxing gift basket for her. You can simply add two pillar candles of any soft shade or create a candle garden with over a dozen assorted candles in shades of lavender, plum, ivory, cream, or whatever palette you choose. If you would like to tantalize her taste buds while she relaxes, then adorn her gift basket with a sampling of chocolates and truffles. She will truly appreciate you for giving her such a delightful, special, and thoughtful gift.

Every contemporary woman deserves to have an enjoyable and relaxing spa experience at her fingertips to help her unwind from a hectic day or to set the mood for a romantic evening. She will thank you for the youthful glow of her radiant skin resulting from her at home-spa experience.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Grace Cornish Livingstone, on-air staff psychologist for the former Queen Latifah TV show, is one of Americas foremost relationship consultants. An award-winning, bestselling author of ten popular books, is currently the popular relationship columnist for the London-based Pride magazine. For romantic gift baskets and gift baskets for her I recommend www.myromanticgiftbaskets.com